German Chancellor fears US have been spying on her phone calls for years

us spying

As allegations of the US spying on it’s allies bombard mainstream news, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suspicions that her mobile phone has been monitored for years.

The fact that her phone was being monitored was reported by a German magazine called Der Spiegel, though in their story itself they did not release any details on how they know this for a fact. They did, however, share their research with the German version of the CIA, which is the  German Federal Intelligence Service, as well as the Federal Office for Information Security.

Whatever their research contained, the magazine stated that “Berlin seems to have found their suspicions plausible enough to confront the US government.”

While Angela Merkel does not like the way the magazine went about releasing their research, the concerns over US spying on it’s allies take precedent. “The United States and Europe are partners, but this partnership must be built on trust and respect,” Merkel said on Friday. “That of course also includes the work of the respective intelligence services.”

The White House spokesman Jay Carney has stated that surveillance of this kind was “not continuing” but he also did not off a full denial of spying in the past.

“The president assured the chancellor the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor,” he said.

Though both Germany and Brazil are seeking a UN resolution which would curtail US spying as of Thursday, America’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI, also denies such activities.

“While we are not going to discuss the details of our activities, we have repeatedly made it clear that the United States gathers intelligence of the type gathered by all nations,” James Clapper, the ODNI’s head, wrote in a statement. “The US collects intelligence to protect the nations, it’s interests, and its allies from, among other things, threats such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

What do you think? The US has been caught lying in the past when it comes to monitoring it’s own citizens without proper cause. Let us know in the comments.

[via artechnica, The Blaze]

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  • [@New Moon] Actually I think the preparations for the third World War are starting in the Middle East.

    Every government larger than postage stamp kingdoms anyway, tries to spy on all the other governments. That’s a fact of life. Alliances change and you can’t always trust another government to stay friends. I personally don’t think we, or they, should but it will happen. German Chancellor Angela Merkel knows this, which is why I suspect a political motive more than actual outrage. She’s an astute enough politician to play this that way.

  • New Moon

    The preparations for the first world war started in Europe.
    The first world war started in Europe.
    The preparations for the second world war started in Europe.
    The second world war also started in Europe.
    The preparations for the third world war might have started in Europe. (I hope not)
    The third world war will have started in Europe. (I hope not)

    ….. well you ask why, because they can!

    ….. America/NSA/CIA/etc., is doing whatever they’re doing, because they can!

    Do you see the conflict of interest?

    If we have to pay tax and snooped, the politicians and corporations have to be subjected to the same ordeal. As long as they’re not, as ETIM pointed out in his comment above, they have no moral authority or what so ever in what they do and telling us what to do.

    Of course there’re a bunch of lunatic terrorists out there, but that’s only very very few, the problem is they’re treating ordinary hard working people like you and me as terrorists, thus it’s reasonable to snoop on us! It is very dangerous.

    I have never heard of aliens using money or wearing clothes lol. Oh boy when will the humanity abandon money, as they did to the slavery? Big change requires big change.

  • John K

    [@Ashraf] Perhaps the BND was too busy tapping Obama’s cellphone?

  • etim

    [@Ashraf] That’s what I mean.
    The German chancellor didn’t ever care what the US did to Germany– until it happened to her.

  • Ashraf

    What I want to know is what the hell was German counterintelligence doing during this whole time? In my opinion, they are more to blame than the US. I’m not defending US tactics, but all countries spy on each other; currently the US is in the news for spying on its allies but its allies also spy on the US. It is up to the counterintelligence of a nation to protect their citizens and leaders. Big fail on the part of Germans here. Look at yourself before pointing fingers.

  • John K

    The Stasi is not dead, it lives and has moved to Washington DC (and Cheltenham).

  • etim

    This is just more of the same of the attitudes and actions of politicians everywhere.
    They’ll make/allow all sorts of oppressive laws as long as they can exempt themselves from them.