Microsoft creates zombie stunt to promote Xbox One and Dead Rising 3

xbox one zombie 1

In a stunt to promote the upcoming release of their Xbox One console as well as that next chapter in the ever-popular Dead Rising franchise, Microsoft had a giant Xbox One built in Vancouver. On Halloween, zombies emerged from it as part of the promotion stunt, and also just to give some good ‘ol scares.

As Sony and Microsoft are set to release their next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, there has been a furious war of words with promises and criticisms being slung back and forth by the company as well as fans of the consoles as well.

Microsoft does not seem to be weathering the storm as well as Sony, who seek to get their console off to a much faster start than the PS3. It was a powerful system and would go on to deliver some brilliant games like Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series or their latest The Last of Us, but it did take a while to get on it’s feet.

This time around Microsoft is the one that seems to be having the main problems, only before the console as actually arrived. They’ve faced a lot of criticism over initial decisions such as always having their console be online, cutting off the ability to trade games and always having the Xbox Kinect plugged into the device. They have listened to their communities demands but we won’t know until this generation of consoles gets into full swing before finding out just how much it hurt them.

Still, this is a fun little stunt and shows that the team at Microsoft has a pretty decent sense of humor.  Microsoft One will come out on November 22, a week after the PS4’s November 15 release. Let the war of the consoles begin.

[via The Next Web, The Verge]

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