Amazon now allows you to donate a portion of your purchase to charity


Amazon has created a new site called AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile operates and looks exactly the same way as Amazon except when you buy an item from AmazonSmile, 0.5% of it goes to the charity of your choice.

“We’re offering customers a way to support charitable organizations around the country that’s simple and automatic,” said Ian McAllister, the new site’s general manager. “We think customers will love the opportunity to support their favorite organizations without changing how they shop, and there’s no cap on how much Amazon will donate.”

Upon entering the AmazonSmile site, which can be viewed here, you will have the option to donate to a charity already highlighted by Amazon, or you can also choose your own.

Amazon has done similar things in the past, though more along the promotion line, whereby you would click a link on an artist’s page which leads you to Amazon and a percentage of your purchase goes to that artist. So it’s nice to see Amazon taking a more charitable route with this sort of concept.

[via CNET, Amazon Media Room, image via The Pageman Flickr]

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  • Bub

    You mean they have Internet outside the US?

  • Machar

    Looks like this is US only but clarification would be nice for the several billion of us outside the USA. ;)

  • Mikerman

    It would be very nice to see this program get significant publicity and for significant purchases to be made thru it, especially with the holiday season coming up. There is no cost to the consumer, and product prices remain the regular Amazon prices. A good way for one to direct some aid to charities!