Google Street View now lets you explore… a 50-year old Royal Navy submarine? Yes, indeed


The latest addition to Google Street View’s unique locations is none other than a naval submarine. But it isn’t just any submarine either. The HMS Ocelot was built almost over 50 years ago for the Royal Navy. The Oberon-class submarine was capable of speeds of up to 17 knots (20 mph) underwater, came equipped with homing torpedoes and had soundproofed equipment making it one of “the quietest submarines in existence.”

Street View will let you tour the dockyard where the submarine was launched, its control room, sleeping quarters, all the way up to its torpedo tubes. While definitely not a street, Street View has been mapping out everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Large Hadron Collider lately, making the HMS Ocelot a fitting addition to the cool locations we might not otherwise see.

HMS Ocelot on Google Street View

History of the HMS Ocelot

[via Engadget, The Dockyard, image via Allan Harris]

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