15 gadgets that failed to rise to greatness [Infographic]


I know of every gadget on this list apart from the HapiFork. Who in their right mind came up with the idea of a vibrating fork? Drugs are bad, Mkay?

[via Infographicas]

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  • RealBull

    I don’t agree with the info about the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast’s demise was caused by its predecessor, the Sega Saturn. The extremely poor reputation the Saturn churned out led to a lukewarm acceptance for the Dreamcast even though it had a remarkable ad campaign. Another reason was lack of exclusive titles which gamers demanded. Typically, back then, “No Squaresoft, no love” was a true-to-heart statement. With the blockbuster appearance of Final Fantasy 7 on the Playstation with more sequels and other following titles, Square was a hot asset to consoles back then. Just ask Nintendo about it. The only thing that kept Nintendo alive was Mario and Link which held the same stature (and still does today) as Final Fantasy. The best thing the Dreamcast had going for it was that it usually got the best version of some cross-platform titles, but only hardcore gamers cared about that. I never read any bad publicity about the Dreamcast, it was actually the opposite. But no matter what, everyone was addicted to Playstation and most gamers were comfortable on that platform than any other. No need to buy a new system when everything you needed was practically on one system and to developers it was the money making platform.

    Windows Vista a gadget? I think most of us would think a gadget as a device or tangible tool, not an OS for a computer. It seems to be the very odd one out of the list. But as I hear often that languages change constantly, maybe the word is ambiguous these days. In my opinion, Vista went down the tubes because it was slower than a constipated turtle’s turd exiting side-ways out of its rear. This is probably the number 1 issue because this is a problem that is complained about by everybody, from basic users to casual users to developers. A new OS means faster processing to consumers, so it’s the first expectation for everyone. The second main reason Vista fell to hell is that no one needed it. Why would you own it when XP ran a jillion times better??? I own a laptop which came with Vista, but it was a gift from my father. If he had not bought it for me I would not own Vista today. I would have survived well without it.