Toyota’s new concept car reads your emotions


Toyota has released some of its concept cars ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, one of which is a car/Segway that can read your voice and your facial expressions. If that already sounds a little creepy, the Toyota FV2 is also designed to forge a relationship with you — much like a horse, according to the car manufacturer.

The FV2 will use the data as well as your driving history so it can learn and adapt to become a more efficient co-pilot. In addition to those bizarre new features, the futuristic vehicle also lacks a steering wheel. Instead, the driver will steer the FV2 by tilting his or her body.

Another new feature that might actually make its way into the market is its concept windshield. The windshield will feature an augmented reality display, capable of surfacing relevant information like traffic or safety alerts.

To give drivers a sneak preview of what it might be like to drive the FV2, Toyota has released mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


[via Wired]

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