Over 100 Kickstarter campaigns scammed by a single person


When it comes to Kickstarter, it is clear that not every campaign might turn out well in the end. This means that folks must take great care along with doing the research before making a pledge. However, we never thought Kickstarter would reach a point where campaign creators have to worry about who is making a pledge in fears of being scammed.

According to Hacker News, a guy who goes by the name “Encik Farhan” made malicious pledges to over 100 different campaigns. Farhan would then wait to collect his reward to be shipped out before disputing the credit card charge. What basically happened here, you ask? Well, he basically scammed campaign creators right before their very eyes. Farhan collects all the rewards without living up to his pledge, and that’s not cool.

This is a big problem for project creators because they practically lose out in the end after sending rewards to a person who pledged support with cash.

At the moment, we understand that Farhan account has been banned according to The Verge:

“Upon learning this information, we shut down this person’s account, canceled their live pledges, and permanently banned them from Kickstarter.”

The problem campaign creators are facing right now, is how do they regain money spent on sending rewards to Farhan. If the credit card company chooses to side with the scammer, then they will just have to call it loss and move on.

[via Hacker News, The Verge]

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