Phone Halo helps you find lost glasses

phone halo

Tired of losing your glasses? Phone Halo is a new way for you to keep from losing your glasses.

The new tracking device is attached to the ear piece on your spectacles and works by connecting to your smartphone. This creates a proximity based network to let you know when your glasses are too far from your phone. If you get to far from your glasses, such as leaving them on the table and walk out the door, your phone will alert you. If you are wearing your glasses and you forget your phone, you are alerted by a tone from the device. The plus is that if you get out of range of your device a pin will show up on the map showing the last known location of the glasses. The alert is set by pressing a button on the device or accessing the app on your phone.

While it is very noticeable on your glasses, it is a useful device as long as you don’t mind having an additional attachment behind your ear.

Right now the device isn’t available just yet. Phone Halo is launching a campaign to gauge interest in the device and raise the $10,000 to get production rolling. A $29 investment earns you a device as soon as April of 2014. Who wants one? I’m looking at you, Ashraf.

[via Gigaom]

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