Vebbler, a personal messaging service, launches new features


After Facebook came into existence, we saw a deluge of new start-ups, especially in the social networking and messaging niches. We saw Twitter, Skype, Google +, Whatsapp, among other services, popping up. Although, Facebook still remains the most widely used social network and is the greatest competitor with other such similar services, Facebook’s rivals do not cease to be trying their utmost to root Facebook from its firm foundations by launching new features that Facebook clearly does not have.

Vebbler, a fairly new social network, has launched new messaging features of “Chat” and “Private messaging.” Moreover, it has launched those features with custom made stickers. Stickers and emoticons are concomitant with messaging and chatting services.

The messaging app on Vebbler is quite unlike other private messaging services. It is user-friendly, does not create a hodgepodge of messages, and is not disorderly. The interface of the messaging app appears on the right side of the computer screen. For private messaging, users can create groups on the messaging app, which allows users to appear online or offline to certain groups depending on the users’ moods. For instance, if you want to appear online to a specific group of friends and appear offline to your office colleagues, you can configure the settings on the messaging app and talk to your friends uninterrupted. In effect, you can create groups out of existent groups.

Furthermore, the private chat app has more exciting features. The interface of the app can be expanded or decreased in size depending on the user’s mood, the chat window and message window can be toggled with a lone click, and there are custom made stickers that can be used in chats.

In the future, Vebbler plans to integrate more features, such as shortcuts for connecting Vebbler with other social networks, uploading photos directly from cameras, and sharing user location.

Vebbler seems to be treading the right path to a wider user base and such features are useful tools for Vebbler for competing in the tech world.


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