Blizzard announces new World of Warcraft update


Blizzard has just announced it’s newest update to it’s massively successful game, World of Warcraft, and it will be called Warlords of Draenor.

World of Warcraft, or WoW, as it is more commonly known, was released in 2004 and since then has been enjoyed by millions of people, made an incredibly amount of money that would probably make your head explode, and has gone through several changes, and with Warlords of Draenor, it’s newest expansion, it is about to get a little bit bigger.

Unfortunately there is no release date yet, but there is expectation that the expansion will come out late next year, and along with offering Draenor, which is the newest area to play in and the Orc and Draenei character classes’ home, it will provide a number of changes. In the new area you will be able to build a garrison, which can eventually be upgraded into a fortress. Most of the character models are being updated and there will be new dungeons and loot and the level cap has been brought up to a 100.

[via Wired UK, Gamespot]

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  • floydwilson

    This is a comment is on the website as a whole. The popup tags on the side of content is annoying. If you could make them go away after the cursor leaves the open popup window area then it would be just okay. But to leave them up regardless of the where the cursor is and block content is frankly unforgivable. Over all your website is awesome for the shear content. It is the only reason I keep coming back and have marked it as one of my fave’s.
    I have played WOW for over ten years and would still be playing it if not for the other new first person shooter games had not emerged. Still one of the best get hooked on games to play.

  • Jeff Belanger

    [@JonE] Fair enough, I’m more in the half and half category myself. Maybe a little bit more on the single player side because I love a great and immersive story coupled with smooth game mechanics. In this category I’d say Dishonored was the last game that really hit that mark for me.

    That being said I do like multiplayer and I’m curious to see how well Elder Scrolls Online, as an example, turns out.

    For some people though, WoW is their main game, and in that context it does make sense to have the $15 a month to keep the game running smoothly, have enough server space, pay the moderators etc. Plus if you buy one new game a month, that’s 60 dollars, and a lot of times that game doesn’t last the month. I know it varies if you buy used and you can easily argue that point. Also you said you play single player on your computer and Steam does have some ridiculous sales, but at the same time there are hardcore gamers who do buy the newest games every month, or whenever they come out, and that does seem a bit more costly than only paying 15 a month for WoW plus the occasional triple A title.

    I’ve gone on way too long, but obviously the rise of free to play mmo’s also has an effect as well.

  • JonE

    If I can play it, stand alone, on my computer then I’m interested, but because I know I can’t I’m not. I see no point in handing over huge sums of cash for a program, game I cannot play on my computer as a single player. Buy the game and then hand over a monthly fee makes no sense to me.

    I’m a huge StarCraft fan, but paying for the game and then shelling out a monthly fee makes not one bit of sense to me.

    I used to be a huge Blizzard fan, but no more.