Deer survives arrow to the head

Deer-Arrow Removed

This deer have survived to ride with Santa come this Christmas. For some reason, the deer was walking around after it took an arrow right through its freaking head. This is unbelievable stuff because in usual situations, this poor deer would have been somebody’s lunch.

Lucky for the deer, a biologists from the Department of Environmental Protection in New Jersey managed to remove the arrow. The biologist claimed the arrow did not damage any major arteries, and that the deer has a high chance of survival. Well, that’s if it never comes across that deadly hunter for the rest of its life.

From what we understand via a report from the Star-Ledger. The deer was first spotted by a farmer who contacted Fish and Wildlife for help on November 1st. The told the farmer to place corn feed in her yard in hopes of luring the deer. It worked, after which the deer was tranquilized for the arrow removal process.

Alive and well, we envision this deer uttering these magnificent words to its pals. “I was once a traveler like you, but I took an arrow to the head.”

We have to admit it, this deer was extremely lucky. Now it can go forth and reproduce along with eating grass.

[via Star Ledger]

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