Motion detection may kill the computer mouse in the near future

motion detection

The future of motion detection could mean the end of something most people take for granted: the mouse. No, it’s not going away in the next few years or even by the end of the decade but according to a panel on the future of gesture and motion control it could be gone within the next couple of decades.

The idea is that we, as a society, are moving to using touch screens so doing away with peripherals are the next step. The use of touch, gesture, and voice controlled interfaces are the natural evolution in computer technology. By have in a system that will eventually understand that you are talking to it and allow you to use simple gestures to control it. We are actually already starting to move that direction. Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features already work by stopping the screen or video when you look away from it.

This technology isn’t going to be available to the general public at first. Researchers want to design and develop the technology for use in specific industries first. An example would be for surgeons who need information in the middle of an operation or oil rig workers who can’t risk contaminating electronics with the muck and grime that comes with the job.

When it will be available, no one knows for sure. But with the new touch screen and motion sense technology already hitting the market it is only a matter of time.

[via Engadget]

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  • CJ Cotter

    Horrabin, dump your LCD screen if you have bad eyesight and eye fatigue. So do I. Get a LED backlit screen. I bought one for home, then persuaded my bosses to get one for my office desk. I no longer have the eye strain problems I used to have. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Your problem isn’t the mouse, it’s your awful LCD screen.

  • Horrabin

    I have been considering getting one of these. How useful is it? I’ve read reviews (mostly “professional reviewers”) that go both ways but not many from regular users. I’m thinking along the lines of website navigation & maybe some games, sitting back from the monitor & mouse a few feet. I have my browsers running on a large flatscreen LCD TV on the wall and the swivel chair back a few feet for long surfing sessions (bad eyesight, the large screen helps with eye fatigue). I have one of those Logitech wireless touchpads but it’s fairly jerky in its response and doesn’t quite get it done. Looking for something better, maybe wireless handheld trackball or a Leap Motion.

  • Bub

    I have my doubts. Motion-control, touch screens, and voice commands may all have their places, but none are likely to match the precision that the mouse offers, and that many tasks require.

  • CJ Cotter

    (Yawn) Another prophecy of doomed technology. Oh, puhleeze. When TV came along, it was prophesied to end the existence of radio. Here, once again, we have another nay-saying prognostication blowing in the wind.

  • KMHamm

    I’ve been using the Leap Motion sensor. Still mostly a novelty, but I can see it taking the place of a mouse/trakball as it improves. The hardest part, it seems to me, will be getting software designers to start thinking in 3D interfaces.