Pilot lands plane vertically on moving cargo ship


Ever heard of a normal airplane landing vertically on a cargo ship? No? Well, you have now. This pilot managed to do on a moving cargo ship in the English channel. At one point, it appears as if the plane is just floating in mid air, and we had to wonder if this was one of Criss Angel’s stupid little tricks. But alas, it wasn’t, and we uttered a smirk.

Everything this pilot did took skill and courage. There are so many ways things could have turned out wrong in this scenario, but with great skill comes great awesomeness and a tiny little bit of magic on the side.

“I had a very dry mouth, and thought, ‘What have I done? How the hell am I going to get out of here?’” the U.K.-based Dutch pilot told AOPA in a phone interview.

Now, while this is impressive flying from a person who is clearly experienced, it is also very irresponsible and should not be attempted by anyone. DotTech has warned you not to try this at home, thus meaning DotTech will not take responsibility of your recklessness. However, we would definitely run a story if you attempt such a stunt and pull it off in style. We will call you a spectacular pilot and all the nice things in the world.

So, let’s break it down. Don’t attempt this at home, work, or anywhere else… but send us a video if you do.


[via AOPA]

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