Scientists are testing real light bullets, pew pew pew


Scientists in Greece and France came together to experiment with ring-Airy beams. This is a particular shape of light waves that focus itself more intensely as it travels. This is unlike other light forms that dispense as it travels over long distances. Basically with ring-Airy beams, scientists can create “light bullets.” Sounds very much like science fiction, but this is very real.

When a high-intensity light source material is focused into precise ring-Airy blips, the beam forms into “light bullets” that travel further and more predictably than even traditional Gaussian laser beams.

Take a look at the diagram above. While other light forms are dissipating, the ring-Airy beam is actually getting more focused. And as the beams get more focused, the more energy they have and thus more “damage” they can do. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? And it sure looks like a bullet to us.

Now, these awesome light bullets could find a home in the medical field. Doctors could focus light bullets at a tumor or at an alien growing inside the womb of a person. After all, who wants alien babies?

In addition to medical use, it is hard to deny light bullets could even be used on the battlefield. The days of Star Wars and Star Trek is slowly creeping up on us.

[via PhysOrg]

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