South Park Black Friday episode mocks PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fanboys

south park black friday

Did you watch this week’s episode of South Park? If you haven’t yet, then you should because it is probably the best one since Season 17 began. The episode is called Black Friday, and it centers around the boys wanting to be the first in line for the next generation video game consoles.

What really had me going with this episode was the many Game of Thrones references and with the boys splitting into two camps after some uttered that they preferred the Xbox One over the PS4. The whole thing was tied in with console loyalty among fanboys, which made for a spectacular episode.

One of my favorite scenes in Black Friday is Cartman and Kenny’s stroll through the garden where they spoke of the possibility of Kyle’s betrayal. No sooner an old man screamed, “I’m sick of you kids dressin’ up and having talks of betrayal in it!”

Another Game of Thrones reference is Randy as he joined the Black Friday security guards. This is a reference to the Night’s Watch and a pretty good one at that. Here, Randy has a motive for joining the Black Friday security guard that is more than keeping crazy Black Friday shoppers from killing themselves.

Overall, this episode of South Park was great, and the ending definitely screams Part 2. Furthermore, this episode also felt like a sneak peak to the video game, South Park a Stick of Truth. Watch it now to see for yourself.

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