Awesome new water repellent material will always keep you dry

water drop bouncing

There are several water repellent surfaces out in the wild, but nothing compares to this new material that could very well be seen as a miracle. According to an extensive research published in Nature, this new water repellent surface is capable of repelling water way beyond “what was previously thought possible.”

With this new repellent system, water will bounce completely off the surface as fast as possible, leaving no trace of H2O whatsoever. According to the inventors, this repellent surface is inspired by butterfly and lotus wings, along with leaves. It makes sense because leaves, butterflies and lotus wings have one of the most efficient water repellent surfaces known to man.

How does it work?

Well, instead of doing the traditional thing by reducing the contact surface of the material, the researchers altered its texture at the nano level to change the water drop’s hydrodynamics. This allows for a reduction in contact time between a bouncing drop of water and the surface, which in turn keep things dry. Yes, we have little understanding of all this but it sounds awesome nonetheless.

How awesome would it be if this technology could be incorporated in clothes and our gadgetry in the distant future. Never again shall we get soaked in the rain, or worry about our beloved toys being destroyed due to H2O.


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