Volcanic ash creates new island off coast of Japan

bob the island

There’s a new island off the coast of Japan, and guess how it got there? Yup, by means of an exploding volcano. The new island is around 650 meters in diameter, and it looks quite awesome. It’s as if we are witnessing how our own lands were formed back in the day before humans had any smarts, or before we even existed.

According to the Fuji news network, the island forming near the Nishinoshima Volcano. The whole thing consists of volcanic ash being spouted out to help create this wonderful new island that will one day have a name. Maybe the Japanese will call it Bob, because everything deserves to be called Bob. How about Bob the Island? Perfect.

The footage below that was captured by the Japanese coast guard, shows all the ash spewing out along with volcanic lava. It’s a remarkable sight, one we might witness again due to all the climate change happening around the world.

Furthermore, it is also possible this island might return back to see if another volcanic eruption occurs, so don’t get your hopes up just yet to one day take a trip to Bob the Island, or even to purchase it as your own private resort.

[via Fuji News Network]

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