New drones help you make selfies, not war

selfie drone

Drones, the name itself brings out ominous connotations that make most people cringe. However, there is a group of designers at Frog that believe the drone doesn’t have to be a dark, frightening sight. Instead, they believe, that by the year 2020 drones could have a place in our everyday lives and not a single person will be harmed.

The designers at Frog want to remake the drone’s image. They want the drones of the future to be both friendly and functional so you can use them in your everyday life. For now they have settled upon two different designs to help make that dream a reality.

They have been working hard to imagine a time when drones will be just as popular as smartphones and tablets.

“We see a lot of connected products, connected spaces, and connected cities really starting to mature at this point, and we see drones as a really good intermediary between people and all these connected objects in the future world,” says Eric Boam, one of the designers on the project.

The first design is the Guardian Angel. This drone is designed for those who like to run and serves as a running buddy when no one else wants to head out with you. It offers not just a companion, a constant hovering guard, but can also be programmed with ways to make your work out much more challenging.

For instance, the Guardian Angel could be set as a pacer. It flies out a distance in front of you and challenges you to keep up. It can constantly monitor your heart rate and help to continue to push you harder. The drone may be able to control another drone friend to give you a race. It could also be used as a ghost or proxy of your previous run.

The other concept that Frog designers settled on is the Paparazzi. This drone does just as it sounds hovers near by taking video and pictures of you and uploads them to your social media sites instantly. The drone is smart enough to take into account lighting and vantage point so the images are always flattering.

Other designs were considered but tabled, at least for now. The designers hope to one day, possibly, make wearable drone, but those are still in the future.

[via Wired]

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