Microsoft is ready to kick Nokia out of Nokia’s Espoo headquarters


A $7.4 billion acquisition deal between Microsoft and Nokia for Nokia’s devices and services department must have weighed quite heavily on both Nokia and Microsoft: Microsoft contending to cover new grounds in the smartphone industry, and Nokia letting go of what really made Nokia so beloved. Although, it is debatable whether Nokia was making any gains in the smartphone industry against Samsung and Apple, Nokia’s Lumia and Asha series were really successful.

Blackberry which has incurred the most losses in its third quarter this year, around $700 million, laid off 2/3rd of its workforce, i.e. 4500 employees, is still holding its ground and trying to regain its lost territory. Although, Blackberry also hoped for a complete sellout, which didn’t happen, but that is another story.

Since Microsoft has officially made Nokia’s devices and services department its own, Microsoft has also reportedly taken over Nokia’s very famous Espoo Headquarters. Espoo Headquarters are where Nokia reached the pinnacle in cell phones industry more than a decade ago. Nokia’s success and then some slight decline, both of which transpired in Espoo Headquarters are quite symbolic for Nokia and Microsoft. Microsoft wants Espoo Headquarters to be the place where it takes on from where Nokia left and try to emerge as equally powerful as Samsung and Apple. While such aspirations of Microsoft are close to reveries, Microsoft seems quite hopeful of attaining its goals. According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson of Nokia confirmed that Nokia will move out its mapping, licensing, and infrastructure department from Espoo Headquarters and relocate to Nokia’s birthplace, Finland.


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