Acer founder takes over company, to try to save it


After news that Acer CEO, J.T. Wang, will be stepping down after failing to turn around the company’s fortunes, it has been announced that Stan Shih, the company’s founder, will be occupying both the president and chairman jobs immediately.

The company is getting rid of the CEO position completely, giving the majority of the power directly to Shih, and Acer believes that this move will “boost the company’s decision making efficiency.”

Acer, which met a lot of success in the notebook markets initially, is now having a hard time keeping with that market as people turn to other devices, and this is what has prompted Shih to make this decision. Shih states that “due to the situation that now faces Acer and my personal social responsibilities, I must stand up and take the reign.”

[via The Verge, Acer Press Release, image via vernieman’s flickr]

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  1. Seamus McSeamus

    [@J.L.] You’re right, with your favorite flavor of Linux on board even an old, slow machine can have new life. I was speaking about out of the box with Windows. I suppose I shouldn’t condemn all netbooks – it does indeed depend on what your o/s is.

  2. Mary

    [@S Thiruvengadam]

    I’m anal about maintenance. Maybe I just got a bad egg. I have heard others say they liked their Acers as well. But mine, unfortunately is junk. I bought it at Sams Club for like $150.00. It’s a chore for it to boot up, browsers take forever to load. It sounds as if the CPU is working overtime for some reason. It has always been like this. The only things I loaded on it was K-Meleon browser because it is was lighter than FireFox at the time, Skype (before MS bought it and I haven’t used it since) and Brickshooter Egypt to keep me entertained when I can’t sleep. I only use the thing 2 weeks out of the entire year, but I keep it updated and maintained. So, not sure why mine is such crap. Oh, and it’s a netbook, not a notebook, sorry about that. The Aspire One. It’s tiny. 5″ or 7″ screen. Can’t remember now.