Apple accused of “shamelessly” stealing a private inventor’s idea


There is no denying that Apple is one of the giants in the tech realm that extends beyond all horizons of the world. However, even big giants can steal ideas. Although, we are not asserting that Apple has stolen ideas, but we can never really be sure of a firm’s honesty, no matter how well-respected the firm is.

A man Richard L.Ditzik has decided to sue Apple for stealing his smartphone idea. Richard L.Ditzik’s lawyer, Ray Niro, says that Richard filed a patent of a smartphone that is quite like the iPhone in 1997, and that Apple ‘shamelessly’ stole the idea.

Richard L Ditzik is a 70 year old electrical engineer and inventor, and is the owner of NetAirus Technologies LLC.

The patent is titled, “Wireless handset communication system.” The patent abstract delineates a device that can send “bi-directional realtime communications of voice, audio, text, graphics and video data.”

Ray Niro, Richard’s lawyer, says the following:

“Apple somewhere along the line lost their way. They lost their sense of responsibility.”

NetAirus’s lawyers have taken up Steve Job’s claim, “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas,” to strengthen their case. In response, Apple’s lawyer, Mark Scarsi, has asserted that Richard’s idea was not of a smartphone, but rather of a using the computer as a cell phone.

Furthermore, NetAirus has not claimed any substantial claims for damages, and has only demanded a payment of half a million dollars. However, industry analysts claim that if Apple loses, the impact of this loss will reverberate around the entire industry, in the shape of Samsung and HTC paying NetAirus for patent licensing.



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  • DeathZone

    Apple won on November 26 lol

  • Coyote

    Irregardless of whether his idea was a patent on the “smart phone” it’s still not going to hold up in court. 2 way communication was long established, we’ve had phones that could take and send pictures and text, and video wasn’t even possible due to the old 3G/2G data the cell towers used at the time. it sounds like he had a million ideas, patented them like any good troll as he obviously couldn’t monetize them all and finally dug one up 20 years later that he thought he could sue apple with.

    Why did he not make his case in 1997? Why did he wait nearly 20 years before claiming someone stole his idea of the smartphone? Did he not see everyone and their uncle using one for the better part of 2 decades that he supposedly owned the patent on.

    As a side note, I tried looking up just what NetAirus is. There is no website, no mention of anything they have created, the only mention is this case/trial. This just seems like another patent troll. Honestly if the patent office or the supreme court did 1/2 as much investigating as I just did they would throw the book at this troll and make him pay Apple $500k for the trouble.

  • J.L.

    They chose the wrong company in the wrong country to sue.