Meet Foaster, a “toaster” that charges two iPhones at the same time


Being able to charge a single phone at a time when you have two phones to charge is a vexing situation. To save the day, Foaster has arrived to help people charge two iPhones together to infinity and beyond.

Foaster is a toaster-like charging device in which two iPhones can be inserted, just like two slices of toasts inserted in a toaster, and charged simultaneously. The Foaster can accommodate several phone cases of iPhones, but as of now, only iPhone 5s and 5c models have been specified to work with the device.

The project has been started on Kickstarter, and has raked in $3,500. The stated funding goal is $40,000, and if the goal is met in time, Foaster’s backers will have the device by March 2014. Or so they say, anyway.

Here is what Foaster campaign on Kickstarter has to say:

“One of the beauties of the iPhone’s design is Apple’s insistence that it can be used with one hand. Why then, should it take two hands to charge your phone? foaster’s brilliant design makes it easy to insert your phone into one of the slots to begin charging. The size of the slots has been optimized based on extensive study of dimensions of “bare” iPhones, as well as “standard-sized” cases. (Sorry, Otterboxes and other cases designed to take a bullet probably won’t fit foaster.) Ready to get your phone out? Even if one hand is busy holding a kitten or a chainsaw- all you need is one free hand to easily grab your phone and go! (Please do not attempt to hold both a kitten AND a chainsaw while using foaster. Our testing did not end well.)”



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