Restaurant asks man to take off Google Glass or leave

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With the advancement of technology and social media, privacy is becoming more and more of a concern. Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, believes that privacy is something that will be harder and harder to maintain. As items that could be used to easily violate privacy, like Google Glass, become more prominent, it will be interesting to see the reaction they get, because already, there is some backlash.

Lost Lake Café, one of the newer diners in Seattle area, is making ripples in the ocean of tech news after asking a man named Nick Starr to either take off his Google Glass or leave. Starr put up a bit of a fight, and then later went on to rant about the situation on Facebook, because he felt that it was not specifically outlined in the restaurant’s policy.

Lost Lake Café is co-owned by David Meinert, who also owns The 5 Point Café, which has already made news with its ban of Google Glass as well. Starr said that he was “well aware of the policy at The 5 Point Cafe but asked to see where it was policy for Glass to be disallowed at Lost Lake. She [the server] said she couldn’t provide any and when asked to speak with management she stated she was the night manager. I again inform her that the two venues are different and have different policies. She refuses and I leave.”

Starr also went on to whine about how he was unhappy with the server and even went so far as to ask for her to be fired, which we feel is incredibly ridiculous, since he could have also just taken off the Google Glass and had his meal. We understand that Starr probably likes this Glass and wanted to wear it, but if other people in the restaurant feel uncomfortable with the potential of the device — which is why we assume it was banned in the first place — then get off your damn horse and be nice.

The other co-owner of Lost Lake Café, Jason Lajeunesse, also agrees with this point. “It’s about privacy,” he said. “It’s one thing to take out a camera and capture a moment, people see you doing it, they have a chance to step out if the want to. With glass people don’t have a chance to do that. We want our customers to feel comfortable, not like they’re being watched.”

[via Forbes, image via tedeytan’s flickr]

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  • Tom

    Another glass owner demonstrates a total lack of maturity and respect for others… Google needs to prescreen Glass account users before glass is banned entirely… except for the cops, of course… what else comes from a totalitarian society.

  • Bob

    Bottom line, you go into someone’s (person or company) business premesis and it’s a private location, not public, they have the right to set their own poilcies (so long as they don’t illegally discriminate).
    They should be made to wear some sort of flashing ilght when recording to warn the public… Perhaps the Minion Fireman headgear (beda beda), at least it wouldn’t make Glass users look more stupid.

  • Mags

    [@josh] I take it that is your opinion, until… you realize that someone is recording you with their google glass.

    We older generation often understand the implications of newer technology far sooner than young punks who think they know it all. This is not a matter of “an older generation fighting blindly and uselessly against inevitable change.” Many times we embrace change and newer technology, when it is worth embracing. We don’t immediately embrace it when it first comes out. We do our due diligence and check things out first.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@josh] I guess it’s all in your perspective who looks like a jerk. To me, the idiot sitting at the table wearing Google Glass in a restaurant is the one who looks like a jerk. People are going out to have a nice meal with their family, not to be recorded by some clown with no life of his own. It’s only a matter of time before one of these GG wearing morons is ranting on FB because they weren’t allowed to wear their precious into a screening of the latest blockbuster movie.

  • John

    [@josh] Welcome extreme technology, welcome to the self-destruction of mankind !!!

  • josh

    This is going to be a problem when prescription glass arrives on the market. You can’t force someone to remove prescription eye ware. Those fighting againt glass wearers are fools who have no understanding of the future of tech. This is just another example of an older generation fighting blindly and uselessly against inevitable change. In the end they are simply tilting at windmills. Our modern society is what it is. Accept it, or leave it, but fighting againt it will just end up making you look like a jerk.

  • jayesstee

    Hooray!  Strike #1 for commonsense!
    Hope it continues and spreads.