Richest man in Asia predicts the surge of a new mobile OS


After earning enough that one could spend the rest of his or her life in a yacht, millionaires and billionaires invest money in different sectors of industries; some do it to deepen their pockets further, some do it because it is a challenge, while others have more humane goals in mind. Li Ka-shing, the 85-year-old richest man in Asia worth as estimate US$29 billion, is famous for investing in tech firms and for discerning the rise and fall of industry trends. Although, Li Ka-shing is known for other activities as well, but the most prominent among the activities is his prudent investments.

Li Ka-shing has made many notable investments, such as the $60 million investment in Facebook, in music service provider Spotify, in an Israeli-based company Waze and in a smartphone app Summly. In an answer to a question about his business and technology investment perspicacity, Li Ka-shing said:

“I enjoy keeping up with latest technology trends. I can also tell you that in addition to  (Apple’s) iOS and Android,  a new mobile operating system will come to the market soon.”

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, Li Ka-shing’s firm confirmed that Li Ka-shing has invested in the development of a new mobile operating system, that could potentially compete with Android and iOS, but the firm declined to reveal the name of the company with which Li Ka-shing has been cooperating.

It is not difficult to deduce which company with which Li Ka-shing has been cooperating: last year Li Ka-shing personally met Samsung’s chairman Lee Kun-hee, and they discussed their future business relationship and cooperation.

Furthermore, Samsung has been working with Intel Corp for a long time on Samsung’s operating system “Tizen”; hence, it should be no surprise that we could see Tizen among the ranks of Anrdoid and iOS.


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  • Ashraf

    [@n.n] Too bad BlackBerry is in a middle life crisis right now.

  • n.n

    It seems that QNX is the OS that he has been looking for. It’s efficient and secure, modular and managed, and BlackBerry has integrated Java support, specifically for Android apps. It is the ideal platform for mobile applications, large and small.

  • beachbouy

    And, then, there’s the upcoming Mozilla OS, which will probably make it’s way onto a phone ROM within the next year or two.

    The tech world is not going to sit idly by for very long and watch Apple and Google completely dominate such a potentially lucrative industry.