Music app helps German police crackdown on Neo-Nazis


Want to crack down on the Neo-Nazi movement? There’s an app for that. German authorities have created a new app, dubbed Nazi Shazam, that is intended to help curb the Neo-Nazi movement.

The app operates similar to the popular Shamaz app which is used to recognize a clip of music. Shazam identifies the name of the song. If you like the song you can share it with friends over your social media network or you can purchase it through iTunes.

According to German publication Der Spiegel, the Nazi Shazam app is very similar to the real Shazam but authorities hope to utilize it to identify and locate extreme propaganda filled songs. Currently there are 79 songs that are banned in Germany. By being able to identify these songs, authorities hope to dissuade the propaganda from filling the airways and help prevent the Neo-Nazi movement from growing.

At this point the German police are not using the app nor do that have a firm date when the app will hit the streets on patrol. Apparently, there are some legal issues that must first be considered before the app can be put into law enforcement use (go figure). And it isn’t even clear what platform (operating system) the app is for. Still, even if this isn’t put into real-world use, it is will go down in the record books as an interesting use of app technology.

[via Business Insider]

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