Free Auslogics BoostSpeed 4!

When most people hear “Auslogics” they probably think “defrag” – and for good reason. Auslogics is well known for its freeware and terrific Disk Defrag software. However, Auslogics Software is not limited to its defrag software; Auslogics develops many other types of software also. One of these other software is Auslogics BoostSpeed.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is Auslogics’ version of a “system optimization” software like TuneUp Utilities, WinUtilities, jv16 PowerTools, Advanced SystemCare, etc. These are all the features of Auslogics BoostSpeed:

Although the freebie of Auslogics BoostSpeed 4 – which I am going to tell you about down below – does not contain all the features mentioned above (you need to purchase the latest version, Auslogics BoostSpeed (v4.5), to get all the features I just mentioned) that is an impressive list of features, no? Plus if one can make a conjecture of Auslogic quality based on Auslogics Disk Defrag, Ausgloics BoostSpeed is bound to be a winner.

Now, in terms of the freebie of Auslogics BoostSpeed 4, specifically you can expect for the following features to come with Auslogics BoostSpeed 4:

  • One-button Checkup
  • Rescue Center
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Disk Defrag
  • Registry Defrag
  • Track Eraser
  • PC Security
  • Quick links to Microsoft DirectX Diagnostics, Windows Performance Monitor, Windows Service Manager, and Computer Management

To get Auslogics BoostSpeed 4 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v4.0.0.37

Free updates: No

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 4.4 MB

  • Visit the promotion page and click on “Try Now” to download Auslogics BoostSpeed 4:

  • After the download has finished, unzip it, and install Auslogics BoostSpeed 4.
  • Enjoy! (There is no need to register – it comes “pre-registered”.)

If you have trouble getting Auslogics BoostSpeed 4 for free, post below and I will try to help.

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  • Ajit Jain

    I am not able to download this boost speed software. Pl. help

  • Stan Levin

    I went here: to find it but they want $19.95.  You said above that you might be able to help me get it (BoostSpeed 4) for FREE.  If you can’t, please suggest the next best defrag program that is free.
    Stan Levin

  • Jim

    Not only is it from 2007, it’s very limited in what it can do. Most of the features I’d be most interested in are missing.

    There’s better freeware out there.

  • computersexplore

    Roger that. BTW, the “try it now” link to download the Auslogics BoostSpeed is not working at present, at least not for me. I don’t know if this is just temporary or what, but I thought it worth noting.

  • MikeR

    @ o(o.o)o #16:

    I sometimes wonder if developers appreciate the misapprehensions caused when resorting to technical terms that may be familiar to them, but unnerving to novice users.

    ‘Scripts’ is one such term (which you rightly refer to in your post because it’s different scripts which execute different defrag/optimise routines in MyDefrag.)

    I recommended MyDefrag to a friend who got back to me to say, omigawd, what’s this scripts thing all about? I don’t understand scripts / can’t write ’em / don’t read ’em. I just wanted to have something that would defragment my hard drive, please don’t get me all cluttered up with stuff about “scripts”!

    I told her to forget all about the word. Think “options” instead — use MyDefrag in daily mode, or weekly mode, or monthly mode, whichever “option” suits. She was fine after that!

    Something similar, though infinitely less tecchie, occurred with another friend when I recommended a particular .pdf creation software.

    I explained it installs as a ‘virtual printer’. Oh, no, said my friend. I don’t want to print anything, I already have an Epson that does that. I just want to save a printable page in .pdf format.

    I explained that we weren’t talking here of a, er, ‘real’ printer, but that only confused things more. Took a bit of time to sort out the difference between a non-physical printer that’s a creator, and an Epson that’s, uh, a printer-outer. . .

    computersexplore @ #19:

    It’s exactly the kind of experience you’ve had that makes me wary of the ‘comparative test’ notion for utilities software suites.

    And — how weird is this? — I had problems with WinPatrol the first time I ran it. Or didn’t run it. The darn thing just wouldn’t work: boot-ups were delayed or actually blocked and assorted other glitches occurred that only vanished after uninstalling the little canine. Yet all the posts I was reading on the Net at that time kept saying how brilliant it was. Yeah, well, not for me. Rubbish, I thought.

    About a year later, I did a full re-install of that particular PC and just for the heck of it, tried WinPatrol again. And oh, woof! It worked flawlessly. . .

    Just goes to show: every hand is different (and can even change in size and texture over time.) The utility or utilities suite that is supposed to fit it like a glove might indeed do just that — or turn out to be too tight, too loose, or in some cases, just too downright painful to tolerate.

  • computersexplore

    #12 MikeR–in general I agree with you, but I hasten to point out that I had some serious problems with WinPatrol, so the little mutt got his marching order.

    On another point, there is a free offer for novaPDF 7 Lite linked from this Auslogic page to the following: FWIW

  • Ted

    @Ashraf: Go figure….it wouldn’t download on Chrome, but did with IE.

  • Refpeuk

    Cool, this is a software I’ve always wanted!

  • o(o.o)o

    I kinda echo MikeR’s sentiments and do use mydefrag, erunt and ntregopt which all work wondefully on my machine. A bit of learning needed for mydefrag for personalized scripts.

    I do wonder though why people use system suites. Do they even get to use all the modules provided in the suite?

  • Janet

    Downloaded and installed like a charm—with IE6….:-)….!!!!!!

    The AutoDefrag has some nice settings–I’m going to try it. I tried using this function on one of the other apps and it didn’t seem to have any effect….Piriform’s Defraggler has been by far my favorite over all the others I had tried. But Auslogics defragger analyzed disks as quite fragmented when Defraggler analyzed them as quite unfragmented, so I guess Auslogics does a more thorough job (it defaults to skip fragments over 10MB)…..

  • Ashraf

    @Ted: Try using a different browser. I was having problems downloading with Firefox but it worked fine with Chrome. Mike, from above, had problems with Internet Explorer but it worked fine with Firefox.

    @Su B: Please try using a different browser to download.

    @MikeR: No not psychic =D. I actually stumbled upon WinUtilities Free Edition while doing research on WinUtilities Professional Edition in preparation for the review on it. So, essentially, the fact that it was being given out on GOTD lead me to write about both.

    As for Auslogics BoostSpeed 4 freebie – just a coincidence that it occurs at the same time as WinUtilities.

    Other than that, thanks for the great advice and feedback.

    @captcha: It is v4.0.0.37. However I did not realize it was so old o_O. However, as per the promotion page, this should still work for Win7.

  • captcha

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thank you for posting this promo. Is it really v4.0.0.37? According to it is quite an old version — it is from 2007.

  • MikeR

    Is Ashraf possessed of psychic ability now?

    First off (or so it seems to me) there’s a review of the Free edition of WinUtilities. Then, next, GOTD issues the Full version as today’s giveaway. So there’s a review of that, too.

    And now there’s this utility. Aaargh. Too much, too much. . .

    Seriously though: posts above about some kind of comparative test of utility suites are understandable. But — and it’s a HUGE “but” — every one of these suites interacts (obviously) with a user’s computer. And no two users’ computers are alike.

    So, for example, I’ve used Glary and had problems with its registry cleaner where many another has not. Or iObit’s Advanced System Care without a problem, when other users have experienced just the opposite. (I would probably still use ASC but since the Malwarebytes episode have dumped all iObit products.)

    Different strokes for different folks then. Different utility suites for different computer configurations.

    So how d’you know which is the best *for you*?

    Trial and error (though hopefully, not too much of the latter.)

    A “comparative test” undertaken by someone else on a computer whose set-up will certainly not resemble your own is actually going to be useful in only the most general sense (GUI appearance, ease of operation, auto back-up, etc.)

    In terms of specifics — will it make my computer cleaner / faster / more stable? — there’s no guarantee at all.

    Like Ol Elmer, I have jvPowerTools. And I’m sticking with it because after my own period of trial and error with other utility suites, I’ve found that the “match” between what it does, and how my computer happens to be set-up, a perfect marriage.

    Final thought. Ashraf’s comment about the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none where such suites are concerned is bang on.

    In my experience, no suite utility is as good at defragging, for example, as MyDefrag. Not one is as safe and dependable at Registry “optimization” as NTREGOPT. Not one is as good at back-up protection as ERUNT (running on start-up) and not one is as useful as that little ol’ barking dog of WinPatrol.

    Because that’s the problem with all so-called “full featured” utility suites: they might look like one of those Swiss knives incorporating many a different blade, but the truth is, some of those blades are going to be blunt and some aren’t even worth opening.

    Which means: running a Free version can make a lot more sense than aspiring to a paid-for Full version — the Free will have what is fundamentally needed, the Full will have stuff that’s actually easily out-performed by dedicated freeware.

    Thanks, then, Ashraf for today’s heads-up.

    Usually I’m as keen as the next person to try out new software, but when it comes to system utilities, experience has shown that if you’re happy with what you have, then sticking with it is probably the wisest course!

  • Su B

    File damaged. {Using Firefox downloader/Orbit download manager & 7-Zip/uniextract.}

  • Ted

    I’m having difficulty opening up the downloaded zip file. It keeps saying to re-download because the file is corrupted. This is the 4th download attempt. Suggestions?

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: I never liked those darn merry-go-rounds…

    @Shankar: Eh. Maybe when I feel up to it =(.

    If anyone else wants to do it, I will be more than happy to publish their review for them.

  • Shankar

    Comparison of these softwares would have been most useful in day to day usage than mere a writeup. Can we expect that early?

  • Mike

    And, it’s the jolly merry-go-round of Internet browsers … :)

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: I had trouble downloading via Firefox… downloaded just fine with Chrome though.

  • Mike

    Many thanks for the offering. At some point, it would be nice to see, if possible, a ranking or comparison discussion of the various system optimization softwares–there are and have been so many offered.

    For whatever it’s worth for others, the download resulted in an invalid file for me when done via IE8; via FireFox, it downloaded just fine.

  • Ashraf

    @RoseD1st: You are welcome =).

    @OldElmerFudd: Ya jvPowerTools rocks.

    @Farrukh: Very true – it definitely is a marketing tool. However, it is still nice to have as an option to use.

  • Hi Ashraf
    Thanks for such a useful tool again :).

    But this is the typical free version with the absense of some advanced features, which are available in TuneupUtilites, WinUtilites, etc.

    Actually they used this free version to market and saying it had some price but now its free. Because they are not providing some advanced features.

    Anyway, not a bad thing.

    Thanks again

  • OldElmerFudd

    Thanks for the heads up, but I’ll stick with jv 16 Power Tools It’s been my favorite since its’ early freeware days.

    Still, I’ll park this in the toolbox!

  • RoseD1st

    Very cool thank you!