Blockbuster closes 62 more stores in the UK


Blockbuster has announced that it will be closing 62 more stores in the United Kingdom. This will also mean that 427 previous employees of the company will now be out of a job.

The closure will take place in just a few days, on December 8th, just a month after it was reported that 72 other Blockbusters would be closed. Furthermore, all corporate owned stores in the U.S. will be closed by January 14. It is also in it’s second administration faze of the year, and is looking for someone to buy the business.

This marks yet another in a series of death rattles for what was once a titan in the movie and game rentals. Back in 2004 the company had over 9,000 stores and over 60,000 employees. In less than a decade the rise of services such as Netflix and the ability to rent movies on your TV, as well as on services like iTunes, have driven the company to near extinction.

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