Sherlock’s long awaited third season begins January 19th, new trailer released [Video]


After teasing us with tiny glimpses, we’re finally getting a look at what to expect from Sherlock’s return to television. The third season of the award-winning show arrives next month on January 19th, and the BBC has released a new trailer. It picks up right after the second season and even gives some hints as to what Sherlock will be facing during his return. If you’re not caught up with the show, the trailer is definitely a spoiler.

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  • RogueBase

    YAY…freakin’YAY!! It feels like ages since I last watched Sherlock.

    But I do like the american version of Sherlock (Elementary) as well and have been pacified with that for the moment. Good story line, great actors (Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn) and looking forward to how it plays out.

  • Seamus MsCeamus

    It’s about time! At one point I wasn’t sure this was ever coming back.

    Now if someone could just get Ben Templesmith to draw the next installment of Fell. I’ve only been waiting on that for 6 years now…