Malware on dotTech, Part 2: Possible solution – need feedback please!

As mentioned earlier today, I have gotten numerous complaints by dotTechies about “malware being on dotTech”, specifically related to advertisements and/or page redirections. Since I have not been able to reproduce these problems myself, I have diagnosed these problems to the best of my ability and have applied a possible solution. So what I need now is the help of all dotTechies. As I mentioned, I have not experience any malware problems myself so I don’t know if my solution has worked or not. So, please, please tell me if from now on your anti-virus or anti-spyware or anti-malware or whatever security software comes up with a warning when you visit dotTech. Please tell me if you are redirected to any other page (scumware page or otherwise) when you visit dotTech. Please tell me of any other unusual behavior when you visit dotTech.

Furthermore, if you are one of the people that experienced malware/redirection problems when visiting dotTech, please make sure your computer is clean because it may be that your computer is infested and dotTech is just an innocent bystander. So, do a full computer scan with your computer software; if you don’t have security software, get some. Also, clean your browser cache and cookies with CCleaner. Both these steps should mitigate the chance of the problem being on your end.

On a similar note, me and a few other dotTechies have noticed dotTech hanging/loading slowly/lagging recently. If the hanging and malware problems are related, dotTech should no longer be lagging. If you still experience slow loading, please let me know.

If all the problems stop happening, then we know that all the problems are from the source I suspect. If the problems still occur, then I am wrong and will continue to try to get this fixed.

Thanks for everyone’s help and understanding.

Take care,

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