Get WinPatrol Plus for only $0.99 this Friday (January 29, 2010)!

Many people know – or have heard – about WinPatrol because WinPatrol is a terrific “supplement” security software that helps round out most everyone’s line of defense against scumware. What makes WinPatrol so popular is not only its usefulness, but also the fact that WinPatrol comes in two flavors: WinPatrol Free and WinPatrol Plus. WinPatrol Free, of course, is free for everyone to use. WinPatrol Plus, on the other hand, is the paid version of WinPatrol which comes with some perks not available in the free edition. If you want to know more about WinPatrol, and the differences between Free and Plus, feel free to read my article on WinPatrol.

Now the point of this article is not to tell everyone about WinPatrol. The point of this article is to inform everyone that for a very limited time span of 24 hours, on January 29, 2010 everyone will have the ability to purchase WinPatrol Plus for only $0.99 (USD)! That is to say, everyone can buy lifetime licenses of WinPatrol Plus for less than one dollar! This less-than-one-dollar license comes with lifetime-ness of the normal $29.99 license. In other words, users, who take advantage of this limited offer,will receive WinPatrol Plus updates for free for life.

This really is a great opportunity to not only give back to a generous developer, but also to grab a copy of an excellent software. Take it from me when I say WinPatrol is awesome; it is one of the first things I install on my new/reformatted computers. I highly recommend anyone, and everyone, to take advantage of this limited time offer.

More details on this promotion will be available when it goes live, but Bill – the developer – says in his blog post that he will release a coupon which must be used to reduce the price to $0.99 and each customer will be limited to one coupon Update: It seems like there won’t be a coupon – the price will be $0.99 via a regular purchase and each customer will be able to buy two; more information here. So be sure to check out this Friday (January 29, 2010) to get your very own lifetime license of WinPatrol Plus for only $0.99!

Thanks Ozzie!

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