“Not Gogole, sir — GOOGLE” [Humor]

not gogole

This is tech support comedy diamond. The moment one has to spell out the word Google to some for them to understand and it fails to help, you know there’s a real problem here. I’d be surprised if this dude is capable of pronouncing and spelling his own name. “Hey, my name is John sir — J O O N.” “OK sir, but on your ID it says Thomas.”

[via Reddit]

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  • The last time I talked to someone this dense, she was working at the order station of a Wendy’s. She couldn’t repeat my order correct to save her life. She wasn’t working there whenever I went in after that.

  • Machar

    Alternative explanation: Mature individual is taking the p!ss out of junior know-it-all with ageism prejudice. Lots of us ‘old farts’ have done it many times.

    In fact it can be done by anyone to exploit humourless numpties who assume that they always know best. Just get them on a tack where they obviously feel comfortable with their ‘superior knowledge’ and drag it out with silly questions. The difficult part is keeping a straight face.

    Of course, they may eventually get it posted here… :p