Wait, so this game is suitable for an unborn baby? [Image]

unborn app

Hey, you never know. Maybe in the future they will find a way for unborn children to interact with games to increase their brain power from within the womb. I’m not making sense, but you never know.

[via Reddit]

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  • Machar

    Now don’t take this as gospel, but I suspect that the age range given was intended as a joke.

    Another possibility is that some naughty individual added the numbers just to confuse. I mention this because as I look at this app on the Google Play Store there is no mention of an age range. Of course, this might be from the alternative, run by those Crapple folks, in which case it may be a sneaky device aimed at justifying a higher price (I dunno how – ask an isheep). Stretching credulity even further, it could be from whatever the Evil Empire – oops! I mean Microsoft – call their third rate equivalent, in which case you’d have to draw a pentagram on the floor and invoke all sorts of unholy spirits to find out what it truly means.

    Personally, I’m expecting a blockbuster from Dan Brown revealing the TRUTH, including its links to the Templars, the baybeeeee Jesus, Freemasons and Elvis Presley. Whatever you do, DON’T look in a mirror and say JFK three times!!!

  • n.n

    From conception to birth, a human life is probably not concerned with luxuries. Just the basic nutrients and a suitable womb (without a view).