The least favorite part of Christmas [Image]

xmas lights

I remember when I used to celebrate Christmas, this was the part I disliked. Why do these wires tend to hate us humans so? Right now I’m remembering myself stringing up that fake plastic Christmas tree with tears in my eyes as I was never a fan of this part of the holiday. The best part of Christmas? I get to eat cake and drink sorrel. Have you ever drank sorrel before? You should, but make sure it is made with either rum or wine… rum is stronger! :-D

[via Reddit]

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  • Bruce Fraser

    When I take down the lights at the end of the season, I wrap them around a cereal box. No tangles, no mess.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Fortunately, Christmas lights are cheap. I use them once, and take them to Goodwill when they come down. Buy new ones next year – wash, rinse, repeat.

    This doesn’t work for everything, but for most of the lights it does.

  • kevbo

    Oh man, you got that right. I spent Sunday afternoon in Christmas light hell. Fortunately, I have made eggnog and brandy part of that yearly tradition (don’t know what sorrel is), which certainly improves my mood, but doesn’t actually help the finished product.