Facebook adds Donate Now button to non-profit organization pages


Facebook is known for being a place where everyone has a page. Your favorite music group, business, author, and various groups have pages and/or profiles, as do non-profit organizations. Now Facebook has partnered with twenty non-profit organizations to add a donate button to their pages, allowing you to donate without leaving Facebook. Instead, when you click the button, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to make the donation.

Facebook is also going to start storing your credit card information once you enter it allowing you to autofill on later purchases. In the past Facebook hasn’t saved the information making it difficult for those who want to purchase virtual goods for games or Facebook gift cards for friends. You can delete the information once your donation is complete if you so choose. You do have to go back into your account settings to do so.

Facebook isn’t making any money off of the addition of the Donate Now button. Unlike some websites that take the fees for the transaction out of your donation, Facebook is covering 100% of the fees. Instead, they plan on using purchase data from the autofill feature to help with their ads. They will be able to use the information to tell companies how much they make off of marketing campaigns.

Once they get a handle on how well the Donate Now button is working they plan to allow other non-profit organizations and charities to add the button to their pages.

[via TechCrunch]

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