Autoplay ads are rolling out on Facebook


After months of hinting and, well, threatening, Facebook is officially rolling out the autoplay ads this week. The ads will show up in a limited number of news feeds eventually showing up on everyone’s feed. The bad part is there is no stopping them, once you open your feed the ads will start playing and you can’t stop them or change your settings to keep it from happening.

The good part of the new autoplay ad is that, while they will start playing without your control, you can’t hear them unless you click on them. When you click on the ad it will play in full screen with the sound. That means no annoying background noise when you are just trying to find out what your friends are up to. If you aren’t interested you can keep on scrolling past the ad and continue on your way.

The ads are coming to both desktop and mobile so you can’t avoid them by simply checking your phone or tablet instead of your laptop. For those who are worried about these ads eating up their data plan, don’t worry. The content must be downloaded via Wi-Fi before it will play.

[via All Things Digital, via Wall Street Journal]

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