Meta smart glasses cost twice the price as Google Glass


Admit it ladies and gentlemen, you’ve always wanted something that mimics J.A.R.V.I.S. in Iron Man. Well then, if you can afford to throw away $3,000 then, you can have it no problem. The current king of the wearables is Google Glass, but a company that goes by the name Meta is hoping to steal that crown. The company’s wearable computing glass hopes to bring to the table Hollywood style user experience to the common man.. or the common man who can afford to purchase this thing for $3,000.

Meta smart glasses are probably the most powerful of its kind today, more powerful than the likes of Google Glass, which is a testament to its high asking price. The high quality glasses isn’t the only aspect of this experience; there’s also a high powered pocket computer that is powered by an Intel i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 28GB SSD drive and a 32Whr battery. The pocket computer might be seen as an inconvenience for some, but if you truly want the best experience wearable computing glass has to give, then this is it.

Furthermore, we have to comment on the looks of the glass itself. It does looks more stylish when compared to Google Glass in our eyes, and less geeky. Now, we like geeky things, but we prefer geeky things that look cool.

In the future, we hope Meta will be able to pack everything required into the glass itself in order for us to have a completely wireless experience.

[via Meta]

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