Smart shirt tracks your health, tells your phone

smart shirt

There are all sorts of devices out on the market that allow you to keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, even your body temperature. You can slap on a wrist watch or hold a handy little device to your head. None is as simple as putting on a shirt though. That’s why Stephane Marceau created a new shirt that can measure your health all day long.

The new shirt is lined with silver thread that transmits all sorts of health data. You can track your heart rate, electrocardiogram, breathing, calories burned, and how many steps you’ve taken. The threads are routed to a small, removable unit that contains a chipset, battery, and blue tooth capability. Utilizing the blue tooth capability you can actually send all the information to your smart phone.

Because Marceau know that no one, not even the biggest fitness guru, is going to wear the shirt unless it is comfortable he teamed up with Canadian designer, Ying Gao. The result is both a short sleeve and sleeveless version of the shirt. The sleeveless version is comfortable enough to wear underneath other clothing.

Marceau believes those who are interested in their keeping track of their performance during exercise or weekend sporting events. He also thinks those who have chronic health issues may also find this shirt to be useful. The final group that Marceau thinks would benefit from this shirt are the “quantified self” group that like to just know what their body is doing.

The shirts are set to be available next year. At this point there is no set price but the figure will be in the three digits. For those who like how the shirt looks, but don’t care so much about the electronics, a similar shirt will be available for less than $100.

[via Quartz]

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