Google’s copyright takedown requests quadrupled over last year

google two

Over the last year Google has gotten above 235 million requests to take down content for copyright infringement, which is roughly four times the amount they received the previous year.

Despite the amount of requests, it seems that only about 9 percent were actually listened to. Out of the 235 million requests only about 21 million were actually taken down.

The biggest companies behind these requests included Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Fox as well as Disney Enterprises and NBC Universal. The company that filed the most requests was from, a site which specializes in tutorial videos. Over the last year they asked Google to take down 1,178,809 links, and less than half of them were complied with.

This news comes to us via TorrentFreak, a new site which focuses on stories related to copyright, file sharing and privacy, after they went through a transparency report by Google.

[via Business Insider, The Drum, TorrentFreak, image via toprankonlinemarketing’s flickr]

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