[Review] EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition

{rw_text}Software reviewed in this article:

EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition

Version reviewed:


System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (x32 and x64)


$39.95 (USD)

Software description as per the developer:

As Partition Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit). The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with powerful data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard. Moreover, you can create bootable CD/DVD in case of system boot failure.

Download size:

About 40 MB

Ashraf’s note:

This review was originally written on EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition v3.5 (known as EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition back then). Since then, this review has been updated multiple times to reflect new releases of EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition.

This review was last updated for EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition v6.1.1. It has now been updated to reflect v6.5.1, the latest version of EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition. Here is the official changelog of v6.1.1 -> v6.5.1:

New Features

  • Support removable storage device partitioning.
  • Convert primary partition to logical.
  • Convert logical partition to primary.
  • Disk surface test to check and find bad sectors.
  • Linux partition management: delete, create, format, recover EXT2/EXT3 partition, etc.

{/rw_text} –>

{rw_score} {for=”Ease of Use” value=”8″}Basic technical knowledge is needed (just like you need basic knowledge to use any partitioning program) but overall very easy to use. The only real “chinks” in the armor are minor: 1) The defrag feature does not allow users to view any sort of “analysis” before conducting the actual defrag, so you can’t determine is a defrag is needed or not and 2) The bootable disk has a few limitations on what it cannot do. {/for} {for=”Performance” value=”10″}Works at a good pace, and works well. {/for} {for=”Usefulness” value=”6″}People who want to/need to mess with their partitions will find this program useful. However there are many people who don’t want to/never do so they won’t find this program useful. {/for} {for=”Price” value=”8″}$39.95 is a fair price and in-line with what other commercial partition manage software cost. Plus there is an almost identical freeware version available. However, to make it a sweeter deal, a drop in price of maybe $10 would make this a more attractive deal vs. other similarly priced products. {/for} {for=”Final Score” value=”9″} {/for} {/rw_score} –>

{rw_verdict}[tupr] [tupf] {/rw_verdict} –>

EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition is the commercial version of EASEUS’s popular and acclaimed freeware partition manager EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition. The only difference (aside from licensing issues) between EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition and EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is Professional Edition allows you to create a boot/rescue disk while Home Edition does not.

That being said, EASEUS PM it is an excellent partition manager that allows users to perform the basics of partition management (resize, format, delete, etc.) on Windows partitions (FAT, FAT32, NTFS), but also adds in “bells and whistles” such as Linux filesystems (EXT2/EXT3) support; support for internal and external hard drives/devices; the ability to copy partition/disk and hide/unhide partition; the ability to convert primary partitions to logical partitions and vice versa; the ability to recover deleted/lost partitions; the ability to “rebuild MBR”; defrag capabilities; and a feature that allows users to securely delete/wipe hard drives and partitions.

This is what EASEUS PM looks like:

The interface is nothing too flashy, although in v6.5.1 EASEUS added some nice icons; it is simple and straightforward. (This simple and straightforwardness helps the software by being fairly light on resources – sitting idle EASEUS PM uses less than 1 MB of RAM and virtually no CPU.)

With existing partitions, you can do all of the following:

(This menu is accessible by right-clicking on an existing partition or selecting a partition and using the “Partitions” drop down menu located in the menu bar at the top of the main program window.)

“Copy” literally will copy your whole partition to an empty partition on your hard drive. “Label” just allows you to change the label/name of your partition. “Set Active” will set the partition to be the boot partition. “Wipe” will securely delete the files on the partition (as opposed to “Delete” which just deletes the file table; “Delete” still loses all data but the data is not “securely” delete):

You can tell EASEUS PM to conduct a wipe as little as 1 time, or as many as 10 times. Each “wipe” consists of alternately overwriting the partition by 0x00 and 0xFF. The more wipes you use the more securely the data will be deleted, but more wipes will take more time also.

“Check Partition” allows you to check for errors on the partition:

Also note that since v5.5.1 EASEUS PM has the ability to defrag:

However, the defragging is done in one fell swoop; in other words, once you tell EASEUS PM to conduct the defrag, the defrag starts – you are not given any sort of “analysis” which you can use to decide if you actually need the defrag or not.

When you select one of your hard drives (i.e. “Disk 1”, “Disk 2”, etc.), you can do the following:

(This menu is accessible by right-clicking on a disk or selecting a disk and using the “Disk” drop down menu located in the menu bar at the top of the main program window.)

Note that “Copy” for disks is different than “Copy” for partitions in two ways:

  • “Copy” will copy the whole hard drive to another empty hard drive.
  • “Copy Dynamic Volume” will copy a dynamic disk to a basic disk.

Also, note similar to how there is “Wipe” for partitions, there is “Wipe Disk” for whole disks. The difference between “Wipe Disk” and “Delete All Partitions” is the exact same as the difference between “Wipe” and “Delete” for partitions: “Wipe Disk” securely deletes all the files on the disk while “Delete All Partitions” deletes the file tables.

If you have unpartitioned/unallocated space on your hard disk, you can partition it and format it to FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 formats. Just right click on some allocated space and click on “Create” (in the above partition menu screenshot you see “Create” grayed out because I right clicked on an existing partition instead of unallocated space for the screenshot). A window will popup where you can name the partition, chose a letter, chose the file system and chose the partition size:

Keep in mind that whenever you do an action/task with EASEUS PM, for example format or delete a partition, the action is not done until you hit the “Apply” button:

How EASEUS PM works is that all actions are “recorded” in a “to-do” list. To actually do the actions in the “to-do” list you must click on “Apply”. Clicking on “Apply” tells EASEUS PM that you really want to do everything on the “to-do” list and you did not, for example, tell EASEUS PM to delete your G:/ partition by accident. You can see a detailed description of your “to-do” list from “View” -> “Operations Pending”:

All the actions you told EASEUS to take will be listed one after another.

Before you hit “Apply” and confirm you want to do all the tasks (you may have to reboot your computer to complete one or more task) be sure that you really want to do them all because once you do them they may not be undoable (such as delete a partition) – the “Undo” button will only remove actions from the “to-do” list, it won’t undo actions that have already been “applied”.

Other noteworthy features of EASEUS PM are:

  • In v5.0.1, EASEUS PM added a “Partition Recovery Module” which allowed users to recover deleted/lost files and partitions. (Essentially this module was the same thing as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.) In v6.1.1 this “Partition Recovery Module” got revamped. The ability to recover lost/deleted files has been removed and has been replaced with an enhanced partition recovery feature. This partition recovery feature can be used to recover lost/deleted partitions, even after a format has been conducted. Take note, though, you will only be allowed to search for a lost or deleted partition if you have unallocated space on your hard drive(s); if you have no unallocated space you will not be able to look for lost or deleted partitions (for obvious reasons – if you don’t have unallocated space where would you put the partitions after they are found).

(Click on the image view the full short tutorial in full. Short tutorial created by EASEUS since I don’t have unallocated space to test partition recovery.)

  • You can create a bootable/rescue disk:

(Go to “Tools” -> “Create Bootable Disk” to access this feature.)

What happens when you create a boot/rescue disk is you get to put literally put EASEUS PM on a disk. So whenever you put in the CD/DVD and reboot your computer you can use EASEUS PM from the disk (your BIOS must support booting from CD/DVD; the newer computers will be able to do this automatically but the older computers may need their settings changed in the BIOS) without ever booting into Windows. The advantage of this feature is if you are unable to boot into your Windows for any reason, you can still manage your partitions; for example you could resize your defunct Windows partition to make room for a different OS.

Note a couple of things about the boot/rescue disk:

  • The boot/rescue disk is Linux-based.
  • The boot/rescue disk has a few limitations:
    • Bootable CD/DVD CANNOT support hardware RAID, GPT disk and CANNOT resize Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 system partition.
    • The defrag feature is not available on the boot/rescue disk.

Keep in mind this boot/rescue disk is the only feature difference between EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition and EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition (Home Edition is freeware).

  • You can password protect EASEUS PM (via “General” -> “Set Password”):

Overall I give EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition two thumbs; it is an excellent program. EASUES PM works fast and gets the job done; and with the new features that EASEUS is adding with every new release of EASEUS PM, EASEUS PM is quickly closing in on the gap in “bells and whistles” between it and the likes of Paragon Partiton Manager (plus EASEUS is only a ~40 MB download while the Paragon is over 100 MB).

That said, though,  for all the good of this software there are, still, a couple of genuine things I found “wrong” with this program (other than what I already mentioned above)…

  • One of the new features made available in EASEUS PM in v4.0.1 is being able to “extend NTFS partitions without reboot”. EASEUS claims that now EASEUS PM is able to make NTFS partitions larger without forcing you to reboot your computer (it has always been able to make NTFS partitions larger but you needed to reboot your computer). Now this works for most of my partitions: I am able to successfully make them larger without having to reboot. However for the life of me it will not work on the C:/ partition (my main Windows partition). I followed EASEUS’s directions to the letter. I closed all open programs… even explorer.exe! I opened up task manager and terminated all possible programs I could. Yet it still asked me to reboot my computer before I could extend my partition (a # by a pending operation means you must reboot your computer):


Now this does not mean EASEUS lied about the feature nor does it mean EASEUS PM sucks because technically speaking it is acceptable if an in-use partition is unable to changed without reboot. Rather, I just wanted to tell you my story on this because I want you to recognize you may not always be able to extend your NTFS partition without reboot. It will vary from time to time heavily depending on what programs you have running and how much of them you can close. In other words, being able to extend your NTFS partition is not really fully in the hands of EASEUS PM.

  • EASEUS PM crashed Windows for me once (this was way back in v4.0.1). What happened was I wanted to format my F:/ partition. First I expected to be able to format it without rebooting my computer (since it was not my main partition and I had nothing running from it) but EASEUS forced me to reboot my computer. This ticked me off but I got over it and rebooted my computer. After my computer started up again EASEUS formated my F:/ partition in about 20 seconds and then tried to reboot my computer again. This is when Windows crashed. When EASEUS tried to reboot my computer after formatting my F:/ partition I got the “Windows could not start properly” screen and was told to pick from “Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/ Networking, Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt, or Start Windows Normally”. I started Windows normally and Windows booted up fine. Also, the F:/ partition was formatted. What I find weird, however, is that I was unable to replicate this error. Every time after that I tried to format my F:/ partition (I even put back the same files that I had on it before) EASEUS formatted it just fine without asking me to reboot my computer.

Since I was unable to replicate the error/crash, please don’t think EASEUS PM will crash on you every time. Chances are this was just a fluke accident that is an exception to the rule rather than the rule itself; I just wanted to tell everyone about it.

…and a few things that irk me:

  • Since v6.5.1, EASEUS PM now supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 filesystems. However, it does not support EXT4 (the latest Linux filesystem that is becoming more popular day by day) and still doesn’t support Mac filesystems.
  • Every time I run EASUES PM it starts up with a fully maximized window. Even if I resize it before I close it, the next time I run EASEUS PM, it starts up with a fully maximized window again. This is very annoying especially considering I don’t need the window to be maximized.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

As I already mentioned, EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is the freeware version of EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition. Home Edition has all the features of Professional Edition with two exceptions:

  • Professional Edition can create a bootable disk while Home Edition cannot.
  • Professional Edition works on 64-bit machines while Home Edition does not.

New v6.5.2 of EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition now supports 64-bit machines.

Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition

Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition is a new, feature limited, freeware version of Paragon’s famous Partition Manager software.

Partition Wizard

Partition Wizard is a freeware partition management software by MT Solutions (a Canadia based company).


GParted is one of the gems that came out of Linux development; while it was meant originally for Linux it also works with Windows partitions. It is also an excellent partition management tool. The only problem with GParted is that you must create a bootable CD and use it whenever you want to use GParted. In other words, you must reboot your computer everytime. Well technically this isn’t really a “problem” because to be 100% safe, managing partitions is best done from a boot disk. However this is an “annoyance” because I, personally, want the ability to use a boot disk for the major partition operations and the ability to perform minor partition operations directly from within Windows.

{/rw_freea} –>

{rw_verdict2}Terrific! Muy bien! Tres bonne! Bhaut acha! Sehr gut! Feichang hao! How many languages must I praise EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition before the world understands: EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition is an excellent program. I have been following EASEUS Partition Master for almost two years and I can vouch with every new release EASEUS is making the program better and better. Before it was only for people who need just the basics in partition management. Now, it still serves the needs for basic partition management, but new “bells and whistles” features are being added with every new release; it even supports Linux filesystems now! I give EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition two thumbs up and highly recommend it to anyone that needs or wants it. {/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Haakon Aas

    I will not steal or answer questions or comments adressed to Asharaf!
    I have used/ tested several free and “buy to use” HDD applications.
    Both Windows and Linux apps.
    In the windows world I will say Easeus is far better and more stable than the Paragon apps.
    The ease of use are much alike…but Easeus has never failed me- The Paragon HDD suite 2010 did caused a total crash 2 times (without a full backup the result would be a OS reinstall :-(
    The Easeus was set to do the same tasks and did NOT fail…. the tasks was not fully done, but the program stopped doing what could NOT be done. No files lost and no reinstall needed.
    Just my humble experience :-)

  • Ashraf

    @drtank: You are welcome!

    @mukhi: If you have no use for it then don’t bother. I mean a program can be great but it is useless if you don’t use it. :-)

  • Ashraf

    @Doug Patrick: Don’t worry about them. As my mother always said: “You have two ears for a reason: In one ear, out the other.” I am all for criticism and am always looking for feedback on how to improve; but I learned long ago some people just complain for the sake of complaining. Clearly what they say is having little effect on dotTech. GOTD finds my reviews as a value-added service to their website, otherwise they wouldn’t continue their cooperation with me. Plus, many many people appreciate the reviews.

    @Mike: I am not sure what is up. My best suggestion is to contact EASEUS about it.

  • Mike

    Thanks for y0ur reviews. I appreciate them greatly and always check them out before I install software.

    This is a great program. I downloaded and installed it.

    One problem: I am not able to burn a bootable disc. Program runs through the process and says it completed successfully (took a full 6 sec!) but the disc is blank. If this feature is crippled, this is really the home edition and not the pro.

    Any suggestions?

  • mukhi

    i want to install it so badly after dottech’s reviews, continuous recommendations and indication of being favorite, but i don’t find any use of it. the last time i partitioned was for creating a dual-boot system with linux, and win7 itself did the nice job.

  • Doug Patrick

    What did you do to the 7 year-olds on giveawayoftheday to make them only want to talk about you? I actually get something from some of those reviews, but it seems to be getting worse with these certain guys. I read Fubar’s comment 4 times, and I finally decided he has something going with you, or he’s an idiot.
    Tell him to go to hell or I will.

  • drtank

    downloading right now!!

  • Ulf

    Worked well so far. But the WD Align Utility powered by paragon said the new formatted drive is not optimally aligned. So there´s still work to do on this program.
    Too bad. I thought this new version might do the job well for my new WD drives.

  • Trev

    @Ashraf: #55
    Yes you have made it clear it is a updated review.
    I myself didn’t realize the old comments carried over as well.
    Now I know/am aware, and will ok.
    It only matters if others feel similar.
    Don’t get me wrong I think its good to see past comments as well.
    Have you had cases where people have tried to replied to the old comments?

  • gully foyle

    EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition v6.1.1
    This is the version which Ashraf offered for free to his readers a short while ago.  It worked very well in partitioning and repartitioning a new 3 drive system (1.5TB, 500GB, 40GB) under W7ProX64.  Although the bootable CD facility is offered, the system won’t be ready to burn the CD for another few day or so. Thanks, Ashraf.

  • mukhi

    does anybody know whether this allows to create a bootable disk from your system (having 3rd party software) to do a “clean” windows install later? or any other software?

  • Bruce

    I use Partition Wizard Home Edition 5 to create partitions for my 1T HD. However, these partitions were not detected by this EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition v6.1.1. Can’t figure out why??

  • Andre

    Thanks for the review Ash… The disclaimer at the top was clear to me… but I like the sound of rolling review.  The only thing I was hoping somebody would ask and have answered was the difference between the Easus version and the Paragon version of the software types. Is one better or are they pretty much equal.

    Just letting you know, I’ve been reading your reviews for over a year now and I’m very greatful for your work.  Usually I’m disapointed when I don’t see one of review (esp. for something I might be interested in) but I understand life. I recently noticed the ads at the top and started clicking on them as a way to say thank you. Hope all is well and remains well.


  • Ashraf

    @Trev: I thought I made the point very clear in “Ashraf’s note” up at the top. I guess not. =(

  • MichaelC

    Thank-you, as always, for your excellent review.  I think for now I will stay with the installed copy of EASEUS Partition Master Pro 5.0.1 that I have, just for the ability to do selective lost file recovery, though I haven’t used that feature.  Appreciate the alternative programs list very much also.

  • Trev

    @Ashraf: #50, Trev #48.

    Hi Ashraf,
    Hmm…..  I myself didn’t realize/know that. I see it now from the dates. Maybe its just me, Im blind, ha :)
    Myself and perhaps others, wouldn’t mind something a little bit more to catch the eye just to indicate some comments are not necessarily new.
    Maybe perhaps it could be called a ‘Rolling Review’ or something else.
    Or maybe something to indicate where the older comments finish and the new ones start, like a line drawn across.
    Just something to indicate that some of the comments are from the past.
    Or maybe you feel the dates are enough.
    Have you not had cases when someone has tried to reply to an old comment? (comment on a old comment)

    I look at comments as being something fairly live, conversation happening now, reasonably up to date, even conversation between Dottech family and visitors, thought not in real time of course.
    I suppose its not a social website, but more comments feedback on reviews.
    It is neat when Dottech’ers converse with other. Helps make Dottech a good website.
    Just some feedback/idea for you. :)
    Thanks Ashraf for all the work you do!

  • I’ve always looked for your reviews from GOTD and found them very useful.
    A product that is offered “free” isn’t much good if crippled or not up to par especially with other freebies. It isn’t money “cost” then, it is time lost/wasted on many of them.
    The only minor worry I have about you is that “apparently” you use a “fruit-machine”!
    So, I hope it was just a gift from a grateful user/friend/relative……….  :-)
    Thanks again,

  • gully foyle

    I downloaded EASEUS Partition Master Professional 6.1.1 from your recent offer, which will allow me to reload the software in case of loss or rebuild.  I used it to carve up a 1.5TB drive on a new home brew system.  Everything worked well.  Thanks for your reviews and for your free download offers.

  • Just to clarify, this isn’t a new post (hence “old” comments). This is a rolling review on EASEUS Partition Master Pro; I update this review whenever a new version is released and modify the review to reflect the changes made in the new version. I simply brought this review to the front today because it is being featured on GOTD.

  • infotech

    It is sad, but true, that those who volunteer or donate time and expertise for free, can be treated as if “worthless”.
    Ashraf, you give of your time freely and willingly. You offer your support to others and always show respect towards other people. You comment honestly based on what you have found. You never state that your opinion is better than others. We may disagree with a review, but that does not show  the contempt to which you have been subjected.
    There is no excuse for speaking ill of someone and I am ashamed that this has happened on your own website.

  • Trev

    Deja vu!
    Some old comments here from a previous review.
    Wires are crossed somwhere.

  • janet


    1. The reason Ashraf’s entries are first is because GAOTD gives him advance notice in the hopes that he will get one of his well-respected reviews in as soon as the day’s offer goes out. MANY people won’t bother downloading without the needed knowledge that only Ashraf takes the time to give–on a daily basis!

    2. The site you posted on is Ashraf’s site! GAOTD reviews are a very small part of it. If you have a look around, you will find LOTS of useful info here….

    3. Ashraf’s reviews are from his own research and not available anywhere else. He begins each review with the developer’s description. This is probably as far as you read. If you continue, you will find his original review…..

    4. Ashraf does not get paid for any of his reviews! He provides a valuable service by volunteering his time simply to help others! Pretty much ALL other sites have only the developer’s description. That’s why you see the same thing over and over on other sites. Asraf actually tests out the claims and gives us the results.

    5. This article just came out today and already has close to 11,000 views!!! I would not be surprised if this is a lot more views than GOATD got today….Asraf’s site is at least as well-known and as popular as GAOTD, if not more….So Ashraf is hardly a leech!

    You would be well advised to read before you speak…especially when criticizing, and even more so before doing it in such an insulting manner…..

  • kutty

    I really enjoyed the discussion however it was diverted to different topics.  I also thank GOTD site from where only I directed to the Great DotTech site. As almost all first reviews of GOTD application noticed are from Mr. Ashraf. Since then I started reading first DotTech reviews then decide what to do…

  • RobCr

    Does Macrium allow you to do it all, via the bootable CD ?
    I dislike (SHUDDER in fear) creating images (or doing partitioning) from a running Windows session.
    I have been using the free Seagate DiscWizard, which I always run from the bootable CD.
    On a side note, I did once install Seagate into Windows.
    Not for creating images, but to check out it’s ability to browse the contents of past images.
    Can Macrium browse past images ?
    Which has the best browser ?

  • chinaguy

    @Aaron: Aaron, I know a lot of people who automatically look for Ashraf’s opinion on GOTD before they will even take a look at software that is offered there. I know I do as well. If Ashraf doesn’t like it, it most likely isn’t worth downloading. That is not to say that I don’t take a look at it myself to verify what he says but I generally take his advice. And a lot of people do not want to download something onto their computer just to try it when they will likely uninstall it soon anyway. I think it is a very usefull service that he provides and I for one would like to thank him for it. The reason his posts on GOTD are usually near the top is because he takes valuable time out of his day to review the software for people and he does so quickly and then does his best to get his opinion up quickly for people who want it. If you don’t like his comments then just skip past them. But don’t deride him for posting comments that many people like and rely on. And I know that his comments on GOTD are just the pros and cons of the software and his recommendation. They do not take up that much room. And yes he does have his own site. In fact your comment was posted on it and you clearly visited it. So please don’t talk about things you don’t know about. There are enough people who do that already.

    I am going to get down off my soapbox now.

  • vyverjet

    I recently did a backup and restore using one after the other,Paragon and Easeus.Restoring from a bootable cd or dvd containing the ISO image is a pleasure which paragon offered and that’s a big plus!

    In my entire experience with these B&R programs, Macrium Reflect (free) is truly a class apart and is a breeze to 1)create a Linux based rescue disk(please don’t jump up in alarm at the mention of Linux),2) taking a backup of either the C Drive alone or the entire hard disc and 3) most importantly, the restore function has never,ever let me down!I guess incremental backups are possible with the new “free” version of Macrium Reflect(free).There are excellent step by step guides to help you do the job perfectly).Please verify the backup with any of these programs! Best wishes!

  • zugshad

    Hey Ashraf or anyone..
    I currently have Easus PM Pro 6.0.1 installed. and it saved my arse when i accidently formated my 2tb.. i posted on this b4 and it took ~ 60ish hours to scan the 2tb for partitions and then to select the one i needed to recover and then recover the 1.2tb file i needed.
    my question to you all now is, i just won a copy of the Paragon Partion Master 11 Personal.. what I am wondering is, is there a recommendation between these two that I should use? i know there is an older review of them, but it uses older versions and i know the updates have added newer things.. like Easus taking away the file undelete option and so on..
    So, would like to hear recommendations on which of these 2 might be best to use..

  • Venu

    Great software

  • jumbi

    And a question please that will save me a lot of time searching and perhaps you already know.

    Which of the free tools (if any), supports directly hardward RAID from boot CD?

    (thanks in advance)

  • Trev

    @Aaron: Duh… do some homework before you post!!
    Where do you think you are!
    And look at the length and work that as gone onto this review, that’s not leeching!
    …exact same results….elsewhere on the web. Crap.

  • Phoenix

    @Aaron: Actually, I only found out about GAOTD from Ashraf and dottech.  I’d been trying to find a review for software I was considering and this was one of the only places on the net that had an actual review instead of just a cut/paste job of the press release from the company.  The screenshots helped me get a feel for the program, and while I didn’t agree with everything Ashraf said, I did get plenty of information about what the program was like and was able to make an informed decision.  It turned out the software had been reviewed by Ashraf when it was featured as a giveaway on GAOTD so I learned out about them, and checked them out.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one.  Actually, I’ve turned quite a few people on to both sites and GAOTD now has many more followers than it would have if I hadn’t found dottech.

    You seem to have (purposefully) misunderstood the meaning of the word leech – a leech sucks out life giving blood without giving anything back to the host.  While dottech may get more traffic from GAOTD than it would otherwise, GAOTD and their followers certainly reaps benefits from this as well.  If they didn’t, they’re more than capable of eliminating links in the comments, or even banning anyone they felt was truly leeching.  It’s really hard to believe that if they shared your views they wouldn’t have done something about it by now.  It actually seems more likely that they understand the value of having Ashraf’s, Fubar’s, and Mike’s around.

    I’m guessing these facts are irrelevant to you though, since the real purpose of your post wasn’t to raise any factual issues.  Was it, Aaron?

    If you ever do decide to stay and find out what Ashraf is all about, you’ll find the word Respect is a key component of his character.  From the way you chose to communicate it’s pretty clear that word isn’t valued by you at all.  Too bad, since it makes it difficult to assign any weight to any of what you say, and easy to write you off as just another internet troll.  Actually, this is a key mistake many of his would-be detractors make, and one reason why we will never let him be chased off any site, or needlessly bullied by people who make it obvious their true interest is simply in control, and not in helping others.

  • alan

    Yes, that will defrag for you.
    If you use a defragger to ANALYSE but not fix, you will probably see a picture showing files with spaces between.
    Using “Perfect Disc” I also see black borders on blocks representing files that are broken into fragments,  and  see an MFT zone about 60% away from the start.
    When I take an image of the badly fragmented partition, and then restore that image, most of the black borders are gone, most of the spaces between files are gone, and the MFT zone is adjacent to the files, leaving one great big chunk of almost total empty free space.
    I believe all the little imperfections are because M.$ does not keep a clean house, and scatters debris when it starts up and only stops scattering when it is shut-down.
    Then I use PerfectDisc and that also leaves a few little imperfections because that is the way of Windows.
    PerfectDisc gives a better defrag because :-
    It optimises the sequential positions of some important files so that they are on the edge of the platter and have quicker access.
    It will put the MFT zone back where M.$. recommend (I do not know why) so my free space becomes two similar sized zones.
    NOTE :-
    I defrag about once a month and performance stays good,
    and then I make an Acronis FULL image.
    I can then create faster smaller Differential or Incremental images which capture the sectors that have changed.
    Unfortunately when I defrag, if there was a deleted file type of hole at the start of the disk then all sector clusters will shift up, so although there are no changes to file contents, the next Differential image can approach the size of the original FULL image.
    Therefore immediately after a defrag I create a fresh FULL image as a basis for future differentials

  • RobCr

    Seagate’s free DiscWizard, is Acronis (it even shows the offer to buy the latest Acronis, at 40% off, every time you run it.)
    When creating a backup, it too offers the choice of a sector by sector backup, or backup all the partitions (and MBR).
    I choose the latter, so I suspect I will get the ‘defragging effect’ ?
    Thanks for responding.

  • Atik

    Ashraf & all the dotTechies,
    I have a question that someone here can answer. I already have an older version on this software installed. It is EASEUS Partition Master 3.5 Home Edition. Now to upgrade do i need to uninstall the existing and then install or will the installer automatically pickup and upgrade (uninstall old & install new) the software?

    Looking forward to your responses.

  • plund

    @alan:  Thanks for you r reply. The strange thing is that when I use Acronis Disk Director Suite and Acronis True Image Home (paid version), I can see all details of my partitions and unallocated space. Maybe I should stick to what I already have.

    Just a bit curious to try the good offers by GOTD, especially after Ashrafs reviews.

  • Easeus Part Man Pro v4 was the first software I downloaded from GOTD; but I didn’t install it until I read the review at dotTech. Every review I’ve read here has been accurate, thorough and fair. I’ve never been much of a joiner but the atmosphere and friendliness of dotTech forums and reviews persuaded me. I would just like to thank Ashraf and members; I hope it will help them ignore those posters that enjoy accruing negative karma simply because they are so good at it.

  • alan

    Windows has its own native Disc Management system which does less than Easeus.
    If that also cannot show you the disc then you need administrator privileges before you can do exciting stuff like Partition Managers.

  • plund

    I downloaded, unzipped, ran the setup.exe, started the program, but there was no disk showing up!

    Should I do anything more to activate the program and would that make my disk show?

    I highly  apppreciate all advices, thanks on beforehand!

  • Lamont Cranston

    This is Ashraf’s site, my friend you are so out of line with your comment!
    To such an extent the question must be asked. You have not only insulted Ashraf, and the members’ , what on earth are you doing here? 
    Perhaps, with a comment like that, it’s time to go back to slashdot.

  • mmybois

    i just bought a 1.5 TB HDD to install in my pc. its a SATA drive and im replacing it for the IDE drive i have in there now. i bought an adapter to allow me to use it. what i want to know is will this program help me format and copy my windows xp from the smaller drive or what? i’ve been looking online on how to format the new drive, install xp, etc…. i also have an adapter that i used to back up that IDE HDD to my external via my older pc. had problems with the drive, recovery was corrupted and i bought recovery discs, but didnt need them when i reinstall the drive. it booted with no problems and i did a destructive recovery. this drive is only 160 GB and was full of stuff. the older pc only has a 32 GB drive. any help would be most appreciated. thx

  • alan

    @Pete C:

    I would prefer to say
    “Windows 9X or Me does NOT support this program ” ! !
    Partition Wizard gives a fully independent ISO for a Boot CD.
    This works even if your Operating System is ancient or broken.
    The same could be true of Easeus, unless it needs XP etc to extract what you downloaded.

  • alan

    I see no problem with omitting the ISO once you have burnt a disc,
    but there could be a special Gotcha waiting for you.
    Using UPX will compress, and often the result still works perfectly.
    Some applications do not work so well after UPX .
    I cannot think of anything more “brave” that to run a Partition Manger after scrunching it ! !

  • alan

    If it creates an exact image, that will include empty spaces and all the fragments.  What you restore will not be defragged.
    Some things, such as Acronis, give a choice of sector-by-sector backups, or a file duplication which omits empty space, and can be restored to a smaller partition, and that will be fully defragged, and all free space will be at the far end.

  • Pete C

    This program does NOT support Windows 9X or Me.

    What is the best free partition management software for those of us still needing to use one of these older (should I say obsolete?) operating systems?

  • Mags

    Cancel my second question in comment #22, the person retracted that statement.

  • David Roper

    Ashraf, you wrote to Aaron:
    In fact, many people have often stated they wouldn’t even bother with a GOTD download until they heard what I have to say about it.
    I am one of those people.  No Ashraf, No GOTD.

  • Mags

    Couple of questions:
    #1 I have an Easeus Bootable disk from when I previously had this program in Vista.  Can this be used in Win 7, or do I need to create another bootable disk?  I’m assuming the later, but just want to make sure first.

    #2 I saw this comment on GOTD #12 (I think)

    “EASEUS Partition Master 5.5.1 Professional Edition can be made portable.

    After installation copy program’s directory wherever you like (USB,…).The package is kind of huge ~73,6 MB. If you want to reduce the size :

    1. Compress all exe and dll files in every directory. You can use UPX, it’s free (http://upx.sourceforge.net/) Size: ~73,6 MB —> ~53,8 MB

    2. Open program and create/burn bootable disk (Tool –> Create Bootable Disc)

    3. Go to bin directory and delete “image.iso” file Size: ~53,8 MB —> ~24,8 MB

    Now you got Portable EASEUS Partition Master 5.5.1 Professional Edition size of ~24,8 MB (~ 73,6 MB —> ~24,8 MB).”

    Is that true?

  • RobCr

    I wonder if I could ask a slightly related question.
    It is only related, because you mentioned defrag above.
    When I use the Seagate DiscWizard to restore a partition, does that effectively do a defrag for me ?
    The DiscWizard allows you to do an exact image of the drive OR creates backups of Partitions. When doing the latter, I figure it is reading all the files, into it’s image. Thus when I do a restore, I suspect that a previously fragmented mess, would be restored completely defragged.
    Is my theory valid, or are you all wondering what I am smoking ?

  • Max

    Excuse me..even if their new banner looks terrific here on your site;)
    Cool new image!

  • alan

    Ashraf – I disagree with one detail in your statement :-
    “Aside from the main features, there are some “extra” feature differences. For example, EASEUS has file/partition recovery features while Partition Wizard does not. At the same time, Partition Wizard has secure deletion features while EASEUS does not.”
    Partition Wizard Business Edition V 4.2.2 has Partition recovery.
    I have XP Home + SP3 on a 149 GB laptop H.D.
    There are many evil things with Apple and its sabotage of Windows, especially the iTunes rubbish that comes with an iPod Shuffle.  I disabled all its bonjuer junk services etc in my profile so it can now be plugged in for a battery re-charge without trying to send my credit card to iTunes etc.
    Another dirty trick of the iPod is that when simply plugged in for a re-charge, it short circuits the USB data lines to extract maximum juice, which promptly shuts down my  external 320 GB hard drive, and the event log shows multiple
    “FTDISC error – data may be lost”.
    So now I have an external powered USB HUB to stop these IPOD disasters.
    I had IPOD under control – I thought.
    Two weeks ago my daughter plugged in her IPOD for a re-charge, and I did not worry.   A bit later I used Partition Wizard, which did NOT see the iPod as a thing it would touch.   I changed the drive letter on 3 partitions,  copied those partitions to empty spaces, and gave the new copies the original drive letters.    I intended to compare Folders and files of the old partitions with the duplicated partitions – not mistrust of Partition Wizard – but things always go wrong if you do not check, and the only difference now we have computers is they are so much faster at destroying all data ! !
    So I rebooted and my Laptop woke up “grumpy”.
    I found that C:\ and one other partition were present, but the 3 old re-lettered partitions and the new copies were all missing from Windows Explorer, and neither built in Disk Management nor Partition Wizard could see them.
    Both P.W. and the other junk would see the two remaining partitions and their sizes.
    P.W.  identified the rest of the drive as 85 GB of unallocated space, roughly correct.
    The Windows junk also saw that, but in addition it saw another two partition spaces, each identical in size, which was about 800 GB.  One had a description I now forget, and the other one was identical plus a suffix, which I think was “(spare)”.  Suddenly the physical drive changed from 149 G.B. to 1.7 T.B.  – I think not ! !
    I previously downloaded many File recovery utilities just in-case. I never anticipated a need for a Partition Recovery utility.
    I remembered seeing hundreds of Partition Recovery things when I did not want them.  Now I wanted one I was very much afraid that I would choose one that was not quite right and would over-write/damage data on the sectors of the missing partitions, and then if a perfect recovery tool was used I would have my partitions, but all the data would be irreversibly destroyed.
    In desperation I looked at the P.W. facilities, and to the left of the main partition display, below Partition Operations, was Disc Operations, the third option was Partition Recover.
    I immediately decided to use P.W.  There are many defraggers and things that proclaim they cannot destroy data because they use the official M.$. API’s, and I feared that any random choice I made from Partition Recovery utilities would either use the same junk which said my drive was 1.7 GB, or would do their own thing with their own code, which could be even worse.
    Instant decision – but a few hours of  anxious hesitation before I took the plunge !
    I was surprised at how many partition were discovered, but I had no difficulty deciding which I needed, and the unselected items were then marked as “overlapped” so they remained old second hand “free space”.  I stipulated the Driver Letters I wanted and then APPLY.
    That was successful – so the next stage was Reboot. – NOT so good.
    Only one of the partitions was recovered, together with its drive letter.  The other partitions were not present.
    I decided I was being too ambitious with so much in a single reboot, i.e. many partitions and also addition actions of adding letters.
    I tried to recover the 5 missing partitions – perfect success.
    I applied drive letters to the resurrected partitions – perfect.
    New partitions where I wanted them, Old partitions where they were.
    Once I took the plunge P.W. only took half an hour and 3 reboots to give an apparently perfect recovery.
    After that I did the folder/file comparisons between old and new partitions, also perfect.
    P.W. does a perfect recovery after 6 partitions have been lost.
    The initial loss MAY in theory have been a P.W. fault, but it has never gone wrong or done me harm before, but the IPOD shuffle has done so much mischief in the past that it is reasonable to blame it for every disaster when it is present.
    The only thing I do not like about P.W. is that I have not yet found a change log – but other products also disappoint me that way.
    Incidentally Ashraf, a new review of P.W. would be nice, they have just gone to 5.0.

  • Since someone was bound to ask at some point…
    Ashraf, simple (but probably tricky to answer) question for you:

    EASEUS or Paragon?

  • Max

    Hi everyone!

    Must say that this one has been one of the best tools I ever had for dealing with my computers, as being said in the review it is really light on resources and easy straight forward to use. Myself have’nt notice any bugs more than one time, of some reason I’ve got unallocated space in the begining of one disk when made new partitions. Had to use one of Paragons tools to get rid of it. Sad just Paragon has’nt learn to make understandable ikons which make their software more easy to use. If they had half of the visual impression of what Easeus have I would probably use Paragon more frequently than I do.
    For being Swedish I have to admit it took a quite long time before I understood Paragons idea to use “capsules” incredible imagination.
    Was it an Russian invention?
    Here we use that as caps on soda bottles:)))
    Soda in computers does’nt cope very well..Wants some cola?
    Would’nt think so:-) 

  • WECH

    I have an unusual question, maybe some of you techies have experience. long time ago(about the time of Win3.1) there was OS/2, which using HPFS,  some dinosaur system still using it.  Have you aware which application can handle those partition? (i.e. make disk image, clone to new disk–usually larger, much bigger)

  • Adrian

    “Now this does not mean EASEUS lied about the feature nor does it mean EASEUS PM sucks because technically speaking it is acceptable if an in-use partition is unable to changed without reboot.”

    should be

    “Now this does not mean EASEUS lied about the feature nor does it mean EASEUS PM sucks because technically speaking it is acceptable if an in-use partition is unable to be changed without reboot. ”

    Looks like typical Hong Kong “Chinglish”:).

  • Reality Check!

    This giveaway is another one from EASEUS that engages in malware tactics.

    This giveaway includes a browser hijacker that repetitively tries to hijack your homepage.

    Another giveaway AnVir TaskManager, has been worth its weight in GOLD at catching this EASEUS giveaway’s repeated hijack attempts.

    Previous EASEUS apps didn’t repetitively keep trying to hijack the homepage, once antimalware apps prevented it, it didn’t recur. This giveaway however, keeps recurrently trying to hijack the homepage, forcing me to uninstall it because no matter how useful or good a prog might be, it’s not worth having at all if it contains malware or hijackers or engages in other malicious behaviors too.

  • plund

    I would very much like to have Easeus PM, downloaded and installed at 01 GMT on 6 February. The offer should be open until 08 GMT on 6 Feb, if I counted right.

    When I start the pgm, I get the full window, but my disk does not show up.

    What can be the problem?

    Any helpful hint would be much appreciated.


    Keep up the great work.
    I don’t download till I read your assment.

  • Ashraf

    @sys-eng: While the fully maximized window does bother me – a lot – I agree with you. The fact that the bootable/rescue disk does not have the recovery features is more of a con than the annoying maximized window issue.

    In my opinion, I think EASEUS just “forgot” to update their bootable disk when they added this new feature. In that regard, I didn’t even think about if the bootable disk had the new feature or not until I was well in my review. However, they did promise me it would be added, so late is better than never, right? It is true that people who take advantage of this free offer will not be able to upgrade to the newer version that does have the recovery features in the bootable CD, but EASEUS runs a promotion of this software so often, the fact that people who get this from GOTD won’t be able to update isn’t that big of an issue. In fact I already have information of future plans when EASEUS is going to run promotions again =).

    @Aaron: Here on dotTech I encourage everyone to express their opinion, as long as it is in a remotely respectful manner, so your opinion is welcome. However, to everyone his/her own. You may not appreciate my opinions and work, but many, many people do. In fact, many people have often stated they wouldn’t even bother with a GOTD download until they heard what I have to say about it. So gather from that what you will.

    To your assertion that I am “leeching” visitors: Yes it is true many dotTechies came to know about dotTech from GOTD, and dotTech continues to get a large stream of visitors from GOTD. However, I would hardly call it “leeching” taking into consideration that I add value to GOTD (by providing valuable feedback to developers and providing reliable opinions to GOTD’ers) by writing reviews on GOTD.

    @mark: Lets all play nice now =).

    @Giovanni: Aside from the main features, there are some “extra” feature differences. For example, EASEUS has file/partition recovery features while Partition Wizard does not. At the same time, Partition Wizard has secure deletion features while EASEUS does not.

    One thing I did notice, though, is that I found EASEUS’s bootable media to be a bit more reliable than Partition Wizard’s. However, I have not had too much extensive experience in that particular area so I can’t really lay judgment.

    Hope that helps.

    @jimvandamme: GParted rocks. However, most of us don’t run Linux =).

  • It’s easiest for me to just use GParted from Ubuntu. Nice to know it can work on Windows partitions too.

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!!

    What’s the main difference between this GAOTD and the freeware PARTITION WIZARD, apart from the installer size??

  • mark

    Speaking of losers, there’s one now! (#7)

  • Aaron

    I have found a lot of your entries near the top if not the first entry of each give away of the day offering. Why don’t you start your own site without leeching for viewers from another site? This is because your trying to make money or get attention by supplying an opinion on software that anyone can get the exact same results that you publish, elsewhere on the web.

    I think you need to get your own idea/site going and get your own business going rather than leeching off a popular site. GAOTD has far too many losers who have nothing better to do than tell others about software before they try it themselves. Your one is certainly doesn’t need.

  • sys-eng

    “Do note one thing: Right now the bootable/rescue disk does not include the new file/partition recovery features. However, my EASEUS contact informs me they will add it in future versions.”

    This is a much bigger shortcoming than the program always starting in a maximum Window size. (Window size does not bother me a bit) If the file to be recovered is a system file, then Windows may not start. If Windows does not start, EPMP cannot perform recovery — a catch 22. I truly do not understand how the product was release with this problem. An additional issue for us is that people who install this free offer will not be able to take advantage of the fix when it is released.

    Ashraf, did you have indexing enabled for the partition that you tried to manipulate without rebooting? That is often the culprit when Windows says a partition or file is still in use. Antivirus programs must also be paused so they are not scanning the partition.

    Thanks for the review. Great as usual.

  • Ashraf

    @amozai: You are welcome =).

    @realrisk2: Glad to see you enjoy it =).

    @Sandeep: You are welcome =).

    @CPUSRVC: On their website it mentions “Support all hardware RAID.” I should clarify to make it say “hardware RAID”.

  • Ashraf, how did you determine that this supports RAID? I could not find RAID mentioned anywhere on their website nor in their help file.


  • Sandeep

    Thanks Ashraf.

    I already have Paragon Partition Manager v9 Professional so won’t download this one.

  • realrisk2

    I tried the home edition a few months ago for my laptop. My c-drive was almost full in spite of the fact that I don’t install programs in this partition. But some applications insist to put a lot of data in the c-drive even if you install them in a different drive.
    Anyhow, with my heart beating like a Santana song, I tried Easeus. It worked like a charm. And I even changed the FAT32/NTFS problem of my external hard drives in order to partition them.
    Thumbs up for Easeus!

  • amozai

    Terrific review Ashraf.

    Thank you so much.