dotTech Promo: Free iSkysoft Video Converter! [48-hours only]

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Happy December 8th! What is so special about December 8th, you ask? Absolutely nothing; except for a new dotTech Promo. Today dotTech is teaming up with iSkysoft Studio to bring everyone iSkysoft Video Converter ($35.95 value) for free!

What exactly is this iSkysoft Video Converter? To put it simply, it is an all-in-one video converter that not only allows users to convert video files (HD and SD), but it also allows users to convert audio files, rip audio from video files, and perform basic edits on files before converting. The following is the official list of features for iSkysoft Video Converter (created by the developer) followed by a chart listing all the supported input formats, output formats, and electronic devices (also created by the developer):

(Click on the image to view list in full size.)

(Click on the image to view chart in full size.)

For the next 48-hours (starting 00:00 PST December 8, 2010 and ending 24:00 PST December 9, 2010) dotTech is offering dotTechies the ability to get iSkysoft Video Converter for free! If, however, you would like more “umpf” in your program and are looking for something more than an all-in-one video converter, part of this promotion includes the ability to get 50% off iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate (regular price is $55.00 but available for $29.00 for a limited time – see the right-hand side of the giveaway page for discount). iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate has all the features of iSkysoft Video Converter plus the ability to rip DVDs, burn DVDs, bypass DRM protection on files, transfer audio/video files to portable devices, and download online streaming video.

That said, to get iSkysoft Video Converter for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v3.0.2.0

Official free updates: No

Official free technical support: Yes but only for up to one week after this giveaway

Supported OS: Window NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7

Download size: 18.4 MB

Giveaway time-frame: This giveaway starts on 00:00 PST December 8, 2010 and ends 24:00 PST December 9, 2010. iSkysoft Studio requests everyone to try to install and activate iSkysoft Video Converter during this 48-hour time-frame, but users will be allowed to install/activate at later dates.

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this article, iSkysoft Video Converter has not been tested or reviewed by dotTech (aside from ensuring that this giveaway is valid). All the information about the program in this post is based off the information provided on the developer’s website. Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie; nothing more, nothing less.

Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not directly link to, copy, paste, or reprint the promotion page anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink (alternative permalink) to your audience. If you respect our wishes, we will be able to continue to bring you great freebies. If you don’t, we have no incentive to continue our promotions and they may stop.

  • Once you have registered, check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from iSkysoft Mailer ( with the subject of Your Registration Information of iSkysoft Video Converter?. In the e-mail you will find your registration information:

  • Download and install iSkysoft Video Converter.
  • After installation has finished, run iSkysoft Video Converter; you will be promoted to register the software so register with using the registration details you received via e-mail:

  • Enjoy!
  • (Optional) As a way of thanking iSkysoft Studio for this freebie, please provide them with feedback regarding their software in the comments below. Feedback can be anything including but not limited to bugs fixes, desired features, desired changes, ways to improve the program, input on the current price, etc.

If you have trouble getting iSkysoft Video Converter for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • “iSkysoft Video Converter” que j’ ai installé : “Posted: December 8th, 2010 | Author: Ashraf ” fonctionne toujours très bien et c’ est un plaisir de l’ utiliser.

    It is a pleasure to use it !!!

    Merci from BELGIUM.

  • Its look like, all the information about the program in this post is based off the information provided on the developer’s website. :D

  • I know this is a late post to this thread, but I’ve just realised that iskysoft video converter has added an entry to my right-click context menu called:
    “Convert file with iSkysoft video converter”

    I have tried various utility tools to remove it, but none of them can even see it. I have also searched the registry for that string and it doesn’t show up.

    This seems to be a fairly aggressive addition to the context-menu. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to get rid of the entry.

    I prefer to have as few entries as possible in the context-menu and use the “open with” open to choose which program to send the file to


  • Shades

    Just in case anyone else missed this, like me, you can still download it and register , using the above instructions, even though it should be expired. Very cool. Thanks.


  • @Phil Kennedy: Hi Phil. We used to receive similar questions from our users therefore I understand the reasons. Please check in your trash for the registration letter. If it still cannot be solved, feel free to send me an email (channel(at)iskysoft(dot)com), thanks.

  • Phil Kennedy

    Ive tried to get the code, and it hasn’t been sent. Tried to 2 diferent email addresses. All Ive got back is email and code for the support. NOT the code for the prog.

  • @bridgebr: Hi Bridgebr. Thanks for using our software. Regarding your problem, we can solve it with more details. Would you send a message to the tech support ( for further assistance? Thanks.

  • bridgebr

    Tried to convert .3gp to MP4, AVI, WMV… got audio but no video for all conversions attemps. :(

    System: HP 6710b laptop – 2gb ram. Win XP sp3. All MS updates/patches applied.

  • Ashraf

    @Phlogiston: I dont know what Aimersoft product you are referring to but Aimersoft and iSkysoft are both owned by Wondershare, so it makes sense that products frok both companies may have some similarities. That said, I am glad you enjoy the product! You are welcome :-)

  • Phlogiston

    Nice program, though is a clone of Aimersoft Encoder which was on GOTD in July. Nothing wrong with that, this is a slick program if you missed Aimersoft. Offers somewhat unusual feature of splitting batch jobs across multiple cores of your CPU — i.e. if you have a quad-core CPU then 4 files will be encoded simultaneously and max your CPU to 100%. Needless to say that is FAST!!!! Thanks for the quality giveaway :-)

  • smaragdus

    @ Ashref & Jinlei
    Thank you for the nice giveaway. I have already downloaded and tested it. It is a swift one. The editing features are good too. I have recommended the application to two of my friends.
    Thank you!

  • Rob

    @Jinlei: Perfect! no black screen between clips after merging .seamless.very good quality out put.
    Thanks very much Jinlei & iSkysoft and of course Ashraf,who brings us these great giveaways.
    This is a keeper.

  • Jackie

    Thank you. Great software with nice added edit features.

  • Thank you!

  • @Clodmore: Hi, Clodmore. We will make futher testing on the program under Win 7 64bits. Hope you can enjoying using our software, thanks.

  • Haakon Aas

    Ok… I bought it before actually testing the freebie as I did not know when the discount offer would expire :-) (it seems to be worth paying for)
    Living on the other side of the lake (Norway) I am never sure what the “expire” time is … :-)

    Thanks!!! for this AND all the other offers, “tests” and info you give us all!!!
    Are you finished with all your exams and so on??
    What you and a few helpers do is amazing!!! THANKS

  • @Rob: Hi Rob. I could not exactly tell you the difference between our products and Daniu MOD converter, but I may suggest you try the giveaway version to see if it helps solving the gap between two clips when merging them. After all, it doesn’t hurt to install and evaluate two converters, they won’t crash :) Thanks.

  • @Joe: Hi Joe. Thanksf or your questions. In the ultimate version, you can directly import DVD to the program, and then click “Burn” to enter the burning dialog. After that, choose “DVD disc” and you can copy DVD to DVD. User Guide: Hope it helps.

  • @designibelle: Hi designibelle. Please check into your trash or spam box and you will get the keycode letter. Hope it helps.

  • @Jake: Hi Jake. We used to receive similar questions from our users therefore I understand the reasons. Please be careful not to leave any space in the registration field, otherwise, it will not unlock the program. I advise you to try again and feel free to send me an email (channel(at)iskysoft(dot)com) if it cannot be fixed :)

  • @Ronado: Hi Ronado. If you still cannot figure out getting the free keycode, just drop me a message (channel(at)iskysoft(dot)com) and I will send it to you, thanks.

  • @Sherwood Tucker: Hi Sherwood. I think the problem is probably because of the 301 redirect used in the article, but it seldom happens. You can directly visit Hope it helps.

  • Jake

    A follow-up to my previous message about the registration number not working; I received a second email from iSkySoft that I retrieved from my spam folder. It was a different number than the one in the first email, and it worked instantly. Not sure what happened there, and I haven’t started to work with the software yet, but I appreciate the functioning registration, and will certainly give this a workout.

  • @Dan: Hi Dan. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We can promise that we are coming here to bring giveaway programs to all readers but not promoting something not valuable. Regarding your problem, I suggest you to check into your trash for the registration letter. And the registration to support center can be cancelled at any time you want. If your still cannot retrieve the keycode, drop me a message (channel(at)iskysoft(dot)com) and I will send it to you. Thanks.

  • @Selva: Hi, Selva. Thanks for your feedback. I have already forwarded it to the R&D team for further checking. And it is even better if you can provide us the source file.

  • Clodmore

    Thanks Ashrad and iSkysoft for this program. I’m testing it out right now.

    It installed and registered fine in Win 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit. I did managed to make it crash when I was playing around with some of the settings for the conversion and quickly clicked two or three times on the “rotate” icon. I restarted it and went to that function again and “slowly” clicked the icon two or three times and everything worked.

    Again, many thanks.

  • Jyo

    Has a nice interface. The subtitle support feature was what made me wanna try it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Compare Xilisoft, Snowfox, and iSkysoft. Which one gives you a cleaner, smoother, and crispier video and audio??

  • Ronado

    Yes Ashraf, that may had been the problem in that the site may had been overloaded! I finally was able
    to get the very nice Software installed and registered. I worked with it for a while, and it is truly thus far
    a sweet program. Thank you Ashraf, and the Software Vendor iSkysoft for offering up such a nice freebie!

  • Task

    Thanks for this. I’m guessing the mac version isn’t free? Since it isn’t in the supported os’es.

  • Rob

    @Ashraf: oh ok, understood, thanks

  • Ashraf

    @designibelle: You are welcome.

    @Rob: As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I won’t be commenting on this program vs other programs while this giveaway is live since that would be a conflict of interest on my part, and I want to avoid giving any potentially bias answers. Sorry :-( I am sure someone else will be able to help you out.

  • Rob

    Ashraf, I have Daniusoft MOD converter, Are there any differences in out put quality from this converter or are they the same? I know Daniusoft is a part of Wondershare so I was wondering if it would be of any gain on my part to switch converters?I find the MOD converter when merging video ,there tends to be a slight break between the two clips, Has any one used the merge feature and how was the output?

  • designibelle

    With the new one e-mail worked perfectly. Thanks Ashraf.

  • Ashraf

    @Jinlei: Sorry for not clearing your comment earlier. I just found it marked as spam and had to manually clear it.

    @Ronado: Your comment was marked as spam too, sorry about that. Maybe the website was being overloaded earlier but it seems to work just fine now – I just tried it.

  • Ashraf

    @Joe: I have not used the ultimate version so I can’t say for sure, but I know it has ripping and burning features so I am going to say yes. I suggest you download the trial of iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate before purchasing to verify it has what you need.

  • Joe


    thank you.

    Regarding the Ultimate version,

    Can A DVD movie be copied and then burned onto a DVD from within the program or would you have to rip the movie and save onto the computer and then convert to a DVD?



  • Ashraf

    @phase: You are welcome!

    @Jabtano: Glad you like it.

    @Selva: You are welcome!

    @Selva: Thanks for feedback :D

    @Adrian: Thanks for feedback :D

    @jumbi: Despite what EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition’ review may say, I don’t speak or understand German =P. However, that is what Google is for, right? Sie sind herzlich willkommen viel!

    @njwood60: Thanks for the feedback. I am sure the developer will appreciate it.

    @Jimmy: You are welcome!

    @Tuan: You are welcome!

    @Pat: Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Sorry for the late reply. Even I need sleep sometimes. =P

    @Sherwood Tucker: Please try Also, you are right many video converters don’t take SWF. The reason because converting SWF is a lot different than converting other video formats, say an AVI. Typically there are specialized programs for converting SWF.

    @Jake: Are you 100% sure you were entering in the proper e-mail address and registration code? Please try again because it works perfectly for me.

    @njwood60: Wondershare owns iSkysoft Studios.

    @Dan: You get two e-mails. The one you mentioned (Your Account Information on iSkysoft Support Center) and the one other that has the registration e-mail (Your Registration Information of iSkysoft Video Converter?). Please check again for that second e-mail — they both come instantly for me, maybe check your spam box.

    @Joe: My bad on the link. I linked directly to the cart when I shouldn’t have. If you want to get inon the $29 offer, go to and click on the link at the right. Sorry about that.

    @designibelle: No it is still live. I just tested it with a new e-mail address and I get both e-mails. Can you please check the spam box, maybe one e-mail was sent to spam?

  • designibelle

    It doesn’t work anymore ;( ?
    I got only newsletter subscription, there is no keycode.

  • Joe

    I just clicked on the link for the $29 deal for the Ultimate version and it shows $59 ( did this at 11:30 AM EST )

  • Pat

    Nice software. Suggest iSkysoft add option “save as” when initiating convert instead of only “replace existing file”. This prevents problems if the first file you are converting is in the output folder.

  • Tuan

    Thank you! cool software converter Video…………!

  • Jimmy

    Thank you for the promo, appreciated

  • Dan

    I followed the instructions here to the letter..used the link above to visit their site and registered as directed..and waited..checked my inbox and there was an email with the subject line ass below..

    “Your Account Information on iSkysoft Support Center”

    There was no reg code supplied and the form I filled in is the same as appears on the snapshot on this page..the one for the reg code!

    So what do I do now? I seem to have been registered to their support forum, but I have no software code to enter and there really isn’t much point downloading this now given the time limit..even more so reading the posts above regarding lack of communication from them.

    Ashraf, you’re a great guy and I respect a lot what you both do and say, but forgive me for saying I think you may have partnered with the wrong people here..when you take into account this “hiccup” with registering, lack of communication and the spamming issue you referred to above.

    My only regret is I have given them my name and email address now..and I doubt it will be respected. I’m basing this on my first impressions here..sure hope I am wrong.


  • Installed fine (windows XP)

    Really strange thing though, the registration email came through with a password in it (you don’t supply one when you register)

    It’s the same password I used with wondershare. So I logged onto iskysoft and wondershare and the details they have for me are the same.Updated the details with one company and they were automatically updated with the other. So are Wondershare and iskysoft the same company?

    Anyway, I like the converter. The main reason I installed is that you can adjust the brightness of the video which I don’t think you can do in format factory. I converted a video and increased the brightness and am happy with the result.

    The interface is very easy to use

    There are fewer options for the output resolution than format factory when converting to flv. You can’t input a custom resolution and for my video there wasn’t the option of outputting at full size

  • Jake

    I followed all instructions, and everything went well until trying to register. I copy/pasted the number from the email into the appropriate space and got the message that it was an invalid code. Tried all the usual work-arounds, no joy. Tried contacting support, no reply.

    Bye, bye, iSkySoft.

  • Ronado

    Hello Ashraf,

    The site to download is having problems:

    Happy Holidays, and thank you Ashraf!

  • Sherwood Tucker

    2 points
    Clicked on promotion page link and hangs at “waiting for” and goes no further???
    The other point is
    Why does this, as with most other software of this ilk, do not include .SWF for INPUT?
    Awhile ago, I scored the GAOD aunsoft SWF converter which sorta kinda works but it is very slow and one must click on the start arrow in the video or all that one has is an audio file with a picture of the start arrow LOL
    anyway I will keep trying the link… Maybe the site is down due to high traffic or maintenance. ?

  • jumbi

    viel dank :-)

  • @Ashraf:

    Ha! I thought you were a robot for your regularity of articles ( joking =] )

    Back to the topic …

    The speed isn’t just fair it’s better than many other converters I’ve tried …
    It is faster than FormatFactory … but uses more resources.

    A 3.2 GB video recording made by Fraps ( lasting about 10 minutes )
    was converted to a 230 MB AVI file of resolution 640×480
    The conversion used just under 7 minutes
    while FF used 12 minutes …

  • Selva

    Feed back#1:
    Did converted a 22sec mov file of 1.3MB file
    Mov – 1.6 MB
    MP4- 2MB

    When i try to merge all these files into vob format using merge option, the file converted was about 40MB. I would expect to see a file below 20MB (for vobfile).

    BTW, the speed is good on conversion and interface is impressively simple.

  • Selva


    Btw i installed and it looks good. I will try converting some HD files and see whether i can suggest give any feedback back to them.

  • Design of the software on the website looks cool.

  • Jabtano

    I been playing with this now for the past 40 min. or so. it’s rather nice. I haven’t found any problems with it. or snags at all.Really a sweet deal for dottech people.

  • phase

    Thank you for this Free video converter, looks interesting.

  • Ashraf

    @Selva: This is a dotTech Promo, meaning I am running it in cooperation with iSkysoft Studio. To avoid conflict of interest (i.e. I want this promotion to succeed so I may give a biased answer I normally would not give; not saying I will be biased but it is a possibility since I am, after all, human) I won’t be commenting on this software vs. others while this promotion is going on. I hope you understand my position!

    Surely other dotTechies will be able to help you out.

  • Selva

    Ashraf – Is there any additional feature which you see in this software compared to Formatfactory?

    Even if it is not having any whistles, i would install and compare.

    I have tried so many apps from GAOD/other sites for video/Audio conversion and i would say FormatFactory is a performing allrounder though its not best.

  • Ashraf

    Just so all dotTechies know. Before I committed to a co-promotion with iSkysoft Studio, I talked to their new sales manager about iSkysoft’s spamming. He reassured me he is trying to rebrand iSkysoft Studio and will stop spam-tactics. Otherwise, if I wasn’t given that guarantee, I wouldn’t have agreed to this promotion.

  • Hi Everyone,

    It is Jinlei writing from iSkysoft Studio. Thanks for the helps of Ashraf who offered us a chance to run a giveaway campaign on this site. I just hope all of you can enjoy using the software. And if you got any questions that could not be solved here. Feel free to drop me a message: channel(at)iskysoft(dot)com.

    Good luck!