dotTech Exclusive: Free WinUtilities Professional Edition (with free updates)!

Update: The developer of WinUtilities Professional Edition has canceled free updates. Please see for more details. v9.81 is still available for free via this promotion, though.

Update: Apparently the download of WinUtilities Professional Edition now includes toolbar. Be sure to uncheck the options to install the junk during installation if you don’t want it!

Long, long time ago in a galaxy not-so-far away, dotTech was one of the first (besides GOTD of course) to give users the ability to grab WinUtilities for free. Now YL Computing and dotTech have decided to further our cooperation and allow dotTechies to get WinUtilities Professional Edition for free!

For those people that have been living under a rock for the past two years (=P) don’t know what WinUtilities is, let me give a quick recap. WinUtilities is a system care suite which has over 20+ features which users can make use of:

Feel free to read my full review on WinUtilities Professional Edition to learn more about WinUtilities in detail.

WinUtilities comes in two editions: Professional Edition and Free Edition. Free Edition is, of course, freeware so users can grab it whenever they want. Professional Edition, on the other hand, costs $49.95. Now dotTechies can get Professional Edition for free! To make deal even sweeter, dotTechies will all receive free updates for Professional Edition!

That being said, to get WinUtilities Professional Edition for free follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v9.81

Free updates: Yes! No

Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 Server/2000/NT/98

  • Download WinUtilities Professional Edition.
  • Install WinUtilities – if you downloaded the installer version – or extract it if you downloaded the portable version.
  • Run WinUtilities. You should be asked to register it. Register it with the following information:

regname: dotTech User
regcode: C1H0L9-B93A-90C9-1465-4935-W6Y1L3

Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not copy, paste, or reprint this registration information anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink to your audience.

  • After installation right-click on WinUtilities’ system tray icon, go to “Settings…” and uncheck “Automatically check for updates”.
  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting WinUtilities Professional Edition for free, post below and I will try to help.

So what exactly consists of the “Basic PC Care” that WinUtilities Free has? All of this:

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  • oliviab

    Hi Ashraf, Thanks so much for this. I didn’t think it would still be available, but it is. Yippee!

  • 1

    We love this program all time from the first meeting. And blessed forever to have it for free. It is really great soft. Thanks to all.

  • Thanks for letting us know about update! I really like your post! :)

  • Jason Carver

    Well it was good while it lasted Ashraf. I really dont have a need for the advanced features so I uninstalled the one you offered and installed the free version instead. It works just the same as I have been using it, no real difference. Thanks for working so hard to provide us with freebies.

  • Ashraf

    @DiMa, @Lilangel10 and @Tired: Please download v9.81 and use it – the developer canceled free updates.

    @Locutus: Now we can laugh at all the people who stole dotTech’s registration information when they try to upgrade to v9.82 and it reverts to a trial.

  • This deal is all over the web now!
    @Tired: Nope, only 9.81 and down.  There’s a link to a 9.81 installer above so if you need to reinstall you can, just remember to uncheck the toolbar.

  • Tired

    dotTech User / C1H0L9-B93A-90C9-1465-4935-W6Y1L3 seems not to work with v. 9.82

  • Lilangel10

    Hi. Don’t work with the 9.82

  • DiMa

    the new version of winutil pro 9.82 is not there some problem or not,maybe somebody knows something about

  • Teqy0

    It worked for me.

  • Jamster Mc

    To update the software do i Uninstall then Re-Install or just install the new version with the previous one still Installed. will it just remove it after install ???

  • Dave Hovey

    I downloaded Windows WinUtilities Pro from Ashampoo,somehow I lost the program somehow.Then I noticed you were advertising WinUtilities Pro for Free.I opened up the software put in the reg code which worked,but you had to restart my computer to complete the installation.When I went back to open the site (from your sitr) and it says my trial period was over and have to purchase the Product.I have tried countless times with the same result!!Any ideas?

  • Basil-F

    Thank you Ashraf!!!
    I had been using CCleaner and Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to deal with  the  Registry. A couple of days ago Eusing Free Registry Cleaner found about 87 registry errors and cleaned them up so I got a real shock when, thanks to you, I got Win Utilities Pro version free and when I used the Registry part of it it reported:
    “Registry Cleaner has checked your system for errors. A total of 8755 were found.”
    The html report of those individual errors that I had Win Utilities Pro save to my desktop was a whopping 2.76 MB because there were so many errors in my registry!

    I allowed the program to fix the problems after the program set a restore point. The errors are gone now thanks to Win Utilities Pro version and you!!!

  • Rob AC

    Just d/l and registered fine.
    Looks very similar to Glary Utilities only with a bit more of a polished interface.

  • Dwight

    Win Utilities Pro version installed (albeit older ver 4.78 from provided Cnet main download link) and got registered with the above provided code on my comp- Win7/i5430/4GB RAM/500GB HDD.
    regname: dotTech User
    regcode: C1H0L9-B93A-90C9-1465-4935-W6Y1L3
    Had to re download and re install the latest version 4.79 via the Mirror link.
    Thanks Ashraf…got to recently know your site apart from the known GOTD.

  • brickviking

    WinUtilities 9.78 installed fine, registered fine. Looks good, and I’m somewhat surprised how similar to AShampoo WinOptimize 2010 that it looks downloaded from their site. I’d tried a GAOTD of WinOptimize 7, but it seems to be time-limited. I think I’ll stick with WinUtilities. Good job, dottech, and thank you heaps for this.

  • Leslie unMoody

    Thank you Ashraf for all your help!! 

    Be sure to take your vitamins and take care of yourself!

    Leslie unMoody & Family   : )

  • Ivan

    Shraf’s code still works great.
    There must be another problem for guys who cannot use the code.
    Thank you so much.
    I give you 1000%

  • Nick

    “WinUtilities Pro”
    YL Computing have definitely pulled the plug on this program, I have tried everyone of the sites by D Stroud #101, and get the message 31 days of 31 days evaluation period over and the codes are rejected. If the program is no longer available as a freebie, then it should not still be advertised as though it still was on your site and others.
    If YL Computing is telling “” and other sites that the program is still available free, then that is dishonest, and they should be told so. If it’s free great, but if it isn’t, don’t mislead people into wasting their time installing it.
    Users of “” and others like it, go to the trouble of trying out and finding potential bugs in the software of lots of developers, so YL Computers and others should remember this when they want feedback on their products.

  • delavictoire

    Thank you Ashraf ,but it’s true your code is not working,,
    Thank you Blue ,,softpedia code worked

  • vika6

    @blue: Thank you fort the information

  • deafy

    I tried to register using your code listed, and they said it was invalid! ??? This was for WinUtilities Professional Edition

  • HS

    the link to download the portable version of WinUtilities Pro is not valid.
    Is it still possible to get it somewhere?

  • Ashraf

    I just tried to install this – it works fine for me o_O.

  • blue

    Ashraf’s code no longer works, but the Softpedia code still does.
    Go to their website here

  • charlie

    This is a great program and love those free updates. I started with the free  download and now I’ve got the pro edition and believe me since installing this program, my computer has been religeously cleaned and tuned to peak efficiency.  Thank you for this fantastic utility. PS great diagnostics too!

  • Xelkos

    WinUtilities stopped accepting the username & password posted here. Instead it shows that 31 days of the evaluation period0 has expired.

    regname: dotTech User
    regcode: C1H0L9-B93A-90C9-1465-4935-W6Y1L3

  • Quote:
    Long, long time ago in a galaxy not-so-far away, dotTech was one of the first (besides GOTD of course) to give users the ability to grab WinUtilities for free.
    Sorry, not true. Do you know how many websites offer WinUtilities for free? Just by searching for “free” on the WinUtilities website, I have come up with this list of no less than 9 other websites that have the same offer (dotTech not included):
    Makes you wonder if YL Computing really wants you to pay for WinUtilities Pro. . .

  • mike

    Thanks Chak now it works

  • Chakotay

    dotTech user please use this one:
    regname: dotTech User
    regcode: C1H0L9-964E-DDC7-35CB-422D-W6Y1L3
    *I am no developer though

  • Fred Smith

    When I saw today’s GOTD decided to update the DoTech version I have. Clicked on the Upgrade link and landed at YL Software. Clicked the Download link & landed at Cnet & downloaded uprgrade 9.7. Although it said it accepted the old DotTech registraion information when I restarted it still said only 31 days left. So uninstalled 9.7 and used the ‘Check for Updates’ link, landed at YL S’ware, used its mirror link to download 9.7 & got same result. Will not accept DotTech User as License name. Used Softpedia User as advised above & it works. It was a bit of a nuisance, so what’s happened to the ‘cooperation’. Perhaps it was just an oversight by YL Software. Regardless, I gratefully thank YL Software, DotTech & Softpedia.
    And many thanks Robert Fare : )

  • Robert Fare

    @Paul Uchenna: You probably downloaded WinUtilities 9.7 version.  To activate it try using these codes:
    License Name: Softpedia User
    License Code: C1H0L9-611A-FC03-6F73-47F1-W6Y1L3

  • user

    @Chakotay: thanks.  The new registration key worked =]

  • Lilangel10

    Thank you very much chatokay, best regards

  • Chakotay

    Please use this one:
    regname: dotTech User
    regcode: C1H0L9-964E-DDC7-35CB-422D-W6Y1L3

  • Kris

    just upgraded to 9.7.  won’t work anymore :(

  • lilangel10

    Don’t work since 9.7

  • fallnout

    I agree with JoJi…
    Dot Tech license will not work with version 9.7

  • Joji



  • sree

    thanks , great stuff   so many good updated thanks for ur wonderful work

  • Unheardtiger

    I’m new to your site, downloaded WinUtilities, put in the key which it accepted and then put me back to the trial, so I re-enter the key and still accepted but on trial basis.  Another quirk I found, I unchecked the recycle bin yet when I ran the program, it empty the recycle bin and now I need to learn how to get the contents.  The duplicate program works fine yet the file extensions were too long to show the filename, so I decided against removing them, since I am not sure if its necessary to keep duplicates in tact, since the file extensions differ from the ones I could see.  over 2500 files were found, I don’t want to disrupt anything, just not sure how important they are for maintaining this computer.

  • @Lina:
    Sorry I do not understand the reply- delete.
    counting numbers? Why?

    I wanted to tell Ashraf not me.

  • Lina
    Hi Ashraf,
    I am new to your site, but I really was interested in your offer of Win Utilities. I went to the download site, but it seems I am unable to download any binary file from any site. I am using Mozilla, having got rid of IE in every way permanently. I am using No Script, but I am allowing all scripts in a site I trust, I allowed, but to no avail, I get the file panel – save file or cancel- I click on save file but the download in my download folder has an icon, 0 bytes and it says this is is not a valid windows 32 file.
    The “hoiw to fix it” I have no idea, perhaps it was a Microsoft update? or some change in the system. Absolutely not malware, I have malwarebytes pro., Super Antispyware, and Avast all scan and find not one piece of malware from a boot scan to a full scan.
    Looks like I will not be able to download anything that is not zipped.
    Thanks anyway for the offer,

  • Installed the portable version. Registered fine. Worked at home. But upon trying to run it on my work machine, I run into the error Allan (see comment 55) described: “Failed to initialize DLL object. Please reinstall.”

    Ashraf, any idea what I could have done wrong?
    Man, on a hunch I ran init.bat again, and the tool loads, but I had to re-register. Now when I go home, I’m sure I’ll have to run init.bat and re-register again.

    Hmmm … This is not really portable. :-)

    Cochin Blogger

  • Ashraf,
    Love your first comments on GAOTD.  Today’s comments, along w/others, saved me grief (Adv Reg Dr Pro).  Upside, I got linked to your dotTechSite and as a side benefit, I was presented with an install of Win Utilities Prof Edition V9.52!  Oh, not fully used yet, but Downloaded, Installed, and Registered all OK w/out the Toolbar.
    As always, a joy when things work as they are supposed to!
    Cheers -Phil

  • thanks asraf for the program I ussed to have this program but I lost my key

  • Janet

    Ashraf and Ramesh:

    Well, I figured out what happened to the missing full menu (ALL modules) we used to get by r-clicking the sys tray icon and how to get it back: it’s now a l-click….:-)….!

  • @Locutus: What happened to

    “Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not copy, paste, or reprint this registration information anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink to your audience.”

  • Hi Ashraf, thanks for this! Keep it up. Love your reviews at GAOTD and here.

  • Thanks for this Ashraf. It was a nice surprise to find it. Very useful.

    The installation went smoothly but although it is the current version, 9.41, I did not have to register using your info : turned out it registered itself with an ID number to Giveawayoftheday.

    I can only surmise that I had installed a previous GOTD version which, despite me not uninstalling it, made a graceful exit when the newer younger model presented itself.

    Is there any drawback to it being registered to GOTD?

    Anyhow, many thanks, and also in general for all your good and helpful work here.

  • Thank you for a wonderful program. I did not know the win utilities had a duplicate file finder on it. It will be most useful. I have a link on my website, and should generate quite a bit of interest. thanks Again.

  • thanks for WinUtilities. something messed up last week & I could rung the version I had.
    I installed the version above but have not been asked to register. not sure why.
    Thanks, Willy

  • janet


    Any chance of you asking them…? They won’t answer me but they probably would answer you….:-)….

  • Ashraf

    @janet: Okay I see what you mean about the right-click system tray issue. I think the revamping of WinUtilities made it so that feature was eliminated. If you want the feature back, I suggest contacting YL Computing (which I see you already have) and suggest to them to add it back in.

  • Ashraf

    @janet: Say what? Sorry I have not been following recent comments once they got longer than 2 lines =(. (I have a notoriously short attention span.)

    What’s up?

  • janet

    @Ramesh Kumar:

    I wrote to twice but they have not replied….Don’t remember if I put it on the forum as well. I seem to be remember reading about this issue—I THOUGHT that Ashraf had mentioned it somewhere (?)….ASHRAF–ARE YOU HERE…? I’ll keep sending it into ylcomp until I get some response. I did get an automated email saying it was received and they would answer—I think it said within 48 (?) hours…..Will report back as soon as I hear something. They system tray menu is what had me using WinUtilities….:-)….

  • Ramesh Kumar

    MikeR – Thanks!
    Janet – I am facing the same system tray slimmed- down-context-menu issue as you.Obviously this happens whether 9.38 was uninstalled using Revo or built in uninstall.

    Neither the settings nor the help menu solves this issue.Have you tried the YL forum? You can get that by clicking the small pull down arrow on the right once you get the main app window open.Do let us know if the developer provides a fix on this.

    I know what you ask for can be done by inserting registry keys manually in the registry.But I do not know how to do that.

    It would be nice if a tech savvy blogger could either teach us or point us in the direction of a good html link which could teach us how to configure.The simplest, easiest present way is an answer from YL.


  • MikeR

    @ Ramesh / # 68:

    What a fabulous post, Ramesh — as comprehensive as it is constructive. Sincere thanks for your efforts: they’re greatly appreciated. :D

  • janet

    1. I uninstalled with Revo because I wanted to make sure it did not stay registered to GAOTD. Worked fine–came out registered to dotTech.

    2. ASHRAF: The icon in the system tray used to give a full list of all the WinUtilities functions by r-clicking. Now it just gives a regular short menu and I then have to open the WinUtilities window….:-(….I wrote to the company twice about how to get this back but have not received a reply….Anyone know how to do this?


  • Ramesh Kumar

    Updating a giveaway without problems (WinUtilities 9.41 case study)

    Thanks to Ashraf for the app & to the blog family for sharing the variety of migration difficulties while going from 9.38 to 9.41.

    I intuited correctly that it was better to use the apps own uninstaller rather than Revo (in this case) even though whenever this choice is exercised you remove fewer file settings & registry settings than Revo. Obviously there is no such thing as an all time standard formula. I also intuited correctly not to do any registry cleaning between 9.38 uninstall & 9.41 install. I followed Samuel’s advice of a restore point before 9.38 uninstall.

    Like many of you I admire & am grateful to our webmaster Ashraf because he is a combo of sharp intellect & honesty. All webmasters are not like that. Therefore I like the rest of you loyalists had trepidation & a sense of affront as to whether it would register to GOTD rather than dotTech.

    1) I felt migrating a giveaway is useful to document. After 9.38 uninstall I entered regedit, did a “Find & Find Next” & took jpegs of all the residues & their folders & paths. This is to have a generic clue about such issues for the future.
    2) Even though I used the apps own uninstall I was still shocked at how little was uninstalled from 9.38. I thought that this is not a good sign
    3) I expected a GOTD registration rather than dotTech because:-
    a. So little had got cleaned
    b. Even the install process got started not by Windows Explorer or by WinUtilities but by IObit Security 360 – a bad sign. My Spyware Terminator (great app!) pointed the name of this process sponsor. This was an important insight.
    4) I was pleasantly surprised to get a dotTech registration – a happy/ethical ending.
    5) Point 3b shows that some apps act in concert with giveaways & to be careful about this. Obviously in business not only companies & nations but webmasters compete too. Obviously an app & a website draft a business agreement which includes registry residues upon uninstall & a non-disclosure agreement as well.

    There is a commitment & a conscience towards Ashraf & our blog family. We wanted to register the app to dotTech. It was like “when one gets pick pocketed you feel bad not because you lost money but because you felt cheated”. Any way this drama had a happy fairy tale ending.

    Posting this in the Forum too because other visitors might have figured out other ways to update giveaways painlessly.

    I felt my approach (though successful) was not good enough because it was based upon inference & intuition rather than a standard operating procedure.

  • Adrian

    @lee: This did not happen for me. Although, originally my copy was registered with GOTD info, I successfully “unregistered” and registered again with dotTech info.

  • Adrian

    @Allan: I am using the portable version, and this error you described did not appear.

  • townie2

    just to update, installed and activated with no problem at all :-)

  • townie2

    thanks Ashraf. i love WinUtilities, and had missed the latest one on GOTD.

  • Ramesh Kumar


    Yes Revo Installer 1.85 does not remove all
    registry entries of an uninstallation.

    It leaves behind profile & context menu
    items. Maybe the Revo Pro version does an
    even more clean uninstall.The Pro version
    claims that. But I don’t know since I
    haven’t tried Pro.

    This quirk of 1.85 perhaps explains
    in part the diverse experience of users
    in migrating from WinUtilities 9.38 to 9.41


  • Ramesh Kumar

    Gosh there is a column width problem. Presently using Opera 10.10.


  • Ramesh Kumar

    Yes Azrael 789 even if you have jv16
    PowerTools 2009 it is still worthwhile
    downloading 9.41 because:-

    1) both apps catch different registry
    cleaning issues
    2) both apps have some different
    functionalities compared to each other
    when it comes to issues other than
    registry cleaning.

    This is based on my experience.

    At present I have WinUtilities 9.38. I am
    reading this blog to figure if its best to
    uninstall 9.38 using Revo or its own
    uninstaller. After the uninstall of 9.38
    I’ll install 9.41.


  • JR

    Thanks Ashraf, but after reading the above I’ll stick with the previous version. IT WORKS!!!

  • kevin

    @Allan: I tried the same without installing on my computer. Same dll problem with 9.37. Tried the “newer” 9.41 and wont extract

  • lee

    I downloaded, went through the registration process. It tells me to start the program to finalize(?) When I start the program, it brings me to the registration screen again, where I go through the same sequence. What am I doing worng?

  • Ande

    No problems, and thank you very much!

  • miou

    thank very much

  • Allan

    No problem registering dotTech version after uninstalling gotd version, but I encountered one strange problem: the portable version will only run if installer version is installed also. If portable version is run when installer version is not also installed, an error message appears stating that it was not possible to initialize dll, and suggesting reinstall. The installer version runs fine. Operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Has anyone else had any problems with the portable version? Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem?


  • Ozzie

    @MikeR: Truly estupendo, or perhaps muy stupido might be more appropriate! My own gaffes in the local lingo in the country in which I reside are far too numerous to mention! Thankfully, the lovely locals here are far more forgiving – they’re grateful that at least you’re learning the dialect.

  • MikeR

    Re my post @ #9 / Ashraf’s @ #40 / Ozzie’s @ #41:

    My apologies for any inconvenience inadvertently caused.

    And not for the first time, either.

    Some years ago, whilst journeying through France, Mrs R and myself found overnight accommodation at an isolated lodgings deep in the countryside. We’d driven almost 400 miles that day and were worn out. The accommodation turned out to be wonderful (er, um, “estupendo”. Or thereabouts.)

    Having slept soundly for nine hours in a bed good enough for an emperor and on pillows big, soft, yet amazingly supportive, I thanked our hostess the following morning in so effusive a fashion she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

    She didn’t speak a word of English, so when I repeatedly used the term “good night”, as in “a good night’s sleep”, she thought I was saying “farewell”, and so kept responding in appropriate fashion.

    Never has anyone said ‘au revoir’ so many times whilst still trying to serve them with coffee and baguettes.

    My wife has long been aware of my impressive facility with languages other than my own, so I knew she wouldn’t mind if I resorted to impeccable French.

    I therefore explained to our hostess, in her own language, what a great night’s sleep we’d had, how restful the bed, and how comforting the pillows.

    This didn’t seem to get us very far either, because I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the French is for “pillow”, so opted to use “cushion” instead, as in: “how wonderful to be able to sleep on such large cushions.”

    Our hostess stared at my wife in evident disbelief, then at me, and exited the breakfast room. I never saw her again.

    By chance, her daughter, or daughter-in-law, happened to turn up just when we were about to leave. She spoke perfect English. She also seemed to think I was a raving lunatic and that my wife should divorce me forthwith.

    Only then did it become clear that instead of letting it be known how welcoming had been the bed and its big (grand) pillow (cochon), I had actually revealed how much I enjoyed “going to bed to sleep on the fat pig.”

    Ah well. One can but try.


  • Ozzie

    @Skye-hook: LOL! … Ahem, yes, I know it’s for the Vista product key but I thought maybe the super-smart, technically minded people out there like Karen might be able to tweak it somehow for use on other product keys.

    And I, too, sincerely hope that no one removed their product keys. I’d be horrified if that happened! If they’re anything like me, then they’ll leave that stuff to the professionals and to the people in the know (of whom there are many on dotTech).

    There are some areas on my comp that are no-go zones for me – like regedit. Whenever I hear the term “regedit”, the old adage “fools rush in … ” starts playing over in my head! :)

    I definitely tip my hat (well, I would if I was wearing one) to those who have a command of those sections of their comps!

  • Skye-hook

    @Skye-hook: PS to Ashraf- Yeh, I know. It won’t matter if the name is different, but in case it decides to not let me use this for updates, I’m gonna keep the reg codes handy. I didn’t find a way to try to get updates, to be able to reg from you, because it’s all up to date. lol@ me! :)But this sure works great! It’s fast too! :) Thanks again!

  • Skye-hook

    @Ozzie: Ozzie, sure..if ya wanna remove the Vista product key. :) And how would u use this to remove the key for WinUtilities? :)Hope nobody removed their Vista product key. But smart that you found it, nonetheless. :)
    I also seem to be stuck with the GOTD reg, but I’m gonna try to update it & see if that fixes it, just for fun. :)
    THANKS, Ashraf! You’re terrific! :)

  • djgroove

    WinUtilities Pro Free Download (This giveaway is solely for Softpedia users)

    Regularly $49.99, Now it’s FREE for Softpedia users!

  • Wheezer

    @Karen & Ryan:
    When all else fails,,, use a hammer on it! :-) LOL!

    @Ashraf: Another great freebie. Thank you sir, for the hard work you do for your visitors.

  • Stephen Cohen

    OK. I’m running Win XP SP2. Here’s what I did.
    1. I uninstalled the GOTD version and “Perfect Utilities” (which is an older version of Win Utilities).
    2. I set a System Restore Point Before you do this, or if this doesn’t work, perhaps almost all of this is unnecessary. Try
    a. Setting a System Restore Point.
    b. Uninstall previous versions of WinUtil and Perfect Utilities
    c. Install the new version.
    d. Check “About” to see what the version number is. If it is the new version, try registering it. If the registration page still says it is registered to GOTD, it probably is a registered version and not a trial version. So, you’re probably OK. When an update comes out, just install it. I expect that the update will either be registered to GOTD or you will be able to enter Ashraf’s registration info.

    Finally, it is a good idea to save the registration info by using Notepad to create a .txt file with the registration info. Then create a folder called “WinUtil Pro Install” and put both the txt file you created and the install .exe file in it.

  • AOA Ashraf
    Thanks a lot for such a great offer for free..
    I’m obliged :)

    BTW the portable version is 9.37

  • Ozzie

    @karen: I just did an online search to see if I could come up with any solutions for the problems you guys are having, and came up with this. It is how to remove a Vista product key, but could the same method by used for this?

    1. Click the Windows Start button and select “Run.” In the text box, enter “cmd” and press the “Enter” key. This starts the Windows MS DOS command prompt.

    2. Type “slmgr” into the command prompt. This opens a new Windows screen that gives you a list of options for the tool. Notice one of these options is “upk,” and is listed as the method to uninstall a product key.

    3. Type “slmgr -upk” to remove the Vista product key off of the machine. You are prompted for a confirmation. Click “Yes.”

    4. Install a new product key by typing “slmgr -ipk .” For Windows Vista to work properly, you need to replace the uninstalled key with a new one.

    Or this:

    slmgr /dlv – this helps you find the activation ID for the current activation; run this with the old retail or OEM key installed
    slmgr /upk – this removes the current product key by removing the activation ID
    slmgr /cpky – this removes the product key from the registry
    slmgr /ipk – this adds the new product key
    slmgr /dlv – this will show you the new activation ID for the newly installed product key
    slmgr /ato – this will activate the new product key

    Would these be useful?

  • karen

    @Ryan: Just so you know that you are not alone…

    I’ve uninstalled WinUtilities with Revo, run CCleaner, jv16 PowerTools, ASC’s reg cleaner, aShampoo WinOptimizer, Glary, and Tuneup Utilities, and rebooted. And manually searched the registry for the prior registration name and key as well as all references to WinUtilties in the registry. Still it maintains my old product key.

    I’m giving up. :-(

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Excellent Giveaway
    Thanks Ashraf

  • Ozzie

    @Ashraf: Re: “@MikeR: I hope you feel good about yourself for making me Google what that means =P. At first I thought it meant “stupid” but then I thought its MikeR so he wouldn’t say that, and “estupido” is stupid (I think?).” I very nearly choked on my toast with laughter reading that! Hilarious! :)

  • Ashraf

    @Roland: You are welcome =).

    @Ozzie: You are welcome =). I am not particularly sure if you need to uninstall the freeware version before installing Pro, and you probably can just install Pro over Free, but it is a good habit to uninstall anyway.

    @Ozzie: Cool! You are welcome… again! =).

    @Ryan: You are welcome =). I don’t know if the GOTD version allows free updates or not, but if installing the new version makes it automatically registered to GOTD, and the software works fine, then that is OK – stick with it because the differences between who the software is registered to is mainly just semantics.

    @MikeR: I hope you feel good about yourself for making me Google what that means =P. At first I thought it meant “stupid” but then I thought its MikeR so he wouldn’t say that, and “estupido” is stupid (I think?).

    @Adrian: Sometimes even RevoUninstaller is not able to “unregister” a software (primarily because it doesn’t delete the registration key in the registry for it). However, ya for those people that want to register WinUtilities Professional Edition with dotTech’s information (no one has to do this because it looks like Pro is working fine with GOTD info but I would appreciate the people who take the extra step to do so because the more people that register with dotTech’s information, the more successful this promotion is), do exactly as Adrian said: Use RevoUninstaller to uninstall WinUtilities first, then reinstall.

    @Adrian: Well I can’t reveal the exact details of the deal (that is confidential information and professionalism dictates I keep it close to the chest) but lets just say as long as you see the WinUtilities banner at the top of dotTech, everyone will continue to get free updates.

    @Sandeep: You are welcome =).

    @Bosco: Ya as I explained to Adrian earlier, sometimes Revo just can’t “unregister” programs. In my opinion, don’t worry about it. Long as the program is working, it doesn’t really matter who it is registered to.

    @Linu: You are welcome =). Glad to see dotTech is helpful to you.

    @muhammad: You are welcome =).

    @Abbasgirl: Honestly? I really don’t know. No program is perfect, but WinUtilities is known to be one of the more reliable ones. The best advice I have is report the problem to the developer directly and see if they can fix it.

    @mohsen: Thanks =).

    @jimorris77: Works fine for me. You can download it from other sources if is not working for you:

    @Adrian: Good idea. Using CCleaner after using RevoUninstaller will probably do the trick.

    @Mike: You are welcome =).

    @gpc111: Thanks for the feedback; I am glad to see at least some people who are having problems are able to resolve then. Also, you are welcome =).

    @normofthenorth: Cool! Glad to see it works. You are welcome =).

    @Kernow: You are welcome =).

    @MikeR: I agree – good advice.

    @Jyo: You are welcome! =).

    @MerryMarjie: You are welcome =). And yes it is not only OK but highly encouraged to share info about this promo!

    @Jami: You are welcome =).

    @Samuel: I agree =).

    @Ryan: No problem at all. As I explained earlier, it really isn’t that big of a deal who the program is registered to as long as it works.

    @annie: Good suggestion but I don’t think GOTD will be able to help out for this specific issue.

    @Paul: You are welcome =).

    @Ryan: I agree… there is no harm in trying.

    @annie: You are welcome =). I am glad to hear it works fine for you.

    @Bosco: Dang. Well, you win some and you lose some, right? However, as you said, it really isn’t that big of a deal so no need to stress over it, right? =)

    @azrael789: They are both excellent software. However, since I have not explicitly compared the two, I really can’t say which one is “better”. I can say, though, is that jv16 PowerTools 2009 doesn’t have free updates while WinUtilities Pro does.

    @TAB: You are welcome =).

    @Cino: You are welcome =).

    @Shueygal: Oh wells. No biggie. Enjoy WinUtilities Pro nonetheless… regardless of who it is registered to!

    @Stockel1949: Cool! You are welcome =).

    @alain: You are welcome =).

    @Adrian: Good suggestion. Hopefully things will be set straight then.

    @Adrian: Interesting. I never knew about this bug. Thanks for the info.

  • Adrian

    @annie: This also happens when you run WinUtilities. So, you could navigate to the desktop before running WinUtilities to circumvent this graphic bug.

  • Adrian

    @Ryan and Bosco: Maybe you could try waiting for the next update? Since the GOTD version does not allow for free updates, the license will return to ‘trial’ after your next update. Then, you can enter your DotTech info.

  • alain

    thanks for all the goods software you have foud for us and particularly for this one wich is , in my opinion , the most efficient in this category.

  • Stockel1949

    Thank you Ashraf.
    I uninstall the Gotd version with the help of Revo Uninstaller (option 4 ) then I install the dotTech version without any problem.

  • Shueygal

    Well, guess that I am also in the minority, can’t get away from GOTD version of WinUtilites. I really did try, uninstalled 3 times, cleaned reg many times, restarted 3 times, and each time, just like a bad penny, it kept coming back. Oh well, guess I will have to accept it. Thanks for your efforts in supplying a great program Ashraf, only wish I could utilize it.

  • Cino

    Thanks Ashraf! Helpful as always. I installed mine directly over the GotD and had no problems. Came up with the registration screen, entered given reg info and it’s running perfectly.

  • TAB

    thanks, as always, you are the best, great information and evaluations always.

  • azrael789

    A quick question, I have jv16 powertools 2009 installed (also a dottech freebie). Does anyone know if it is worth it to install winutilities as well?

  • Bosco


    Thanks all for your suggestions, but I can’t seem to get rid of the Giveawayoftheday registration. I followed all the above suggestions (3X’s)but no luck. But no big deal, I’ll just go with what I got.

    Thanks again.

  • annie

    Thanks for this giveaway.

    It installed and registerd fine after uninstalling the free edition – I followed advice in a previous post to uninstall the GAOTD version using the the prog’s uninstall utility, shut down, run CCleaner, reboot then install.

    One issue during installation – I had a notepad window open, and when I came to the registration screen, it showed the text of the notepad window through the installer window, reducing readability. Closing the notepad window didn’t help.

    Otherwise it’s the bee’s knees.

  • Ryan

    Hi Annie,

    This free WinUtilities software is a tied-up between dottech and YL Computing. Therefore, GAOTD has nothing to do with this issue. But, I’ll asking them for help. No harm trying. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Paul


  • annie

    #26 Ryan – have you asked for help from the GAOTD website?

  • Ryan


    Thanks for your suggestion and help. No matter how I tried (I even uninstall using Revo uninstaller, CCleaner scan, deleted all the old downloaded WinUtilities files and reboot the system) it still auto register Giveawayoftheday. I guess I’m forever “married” to Giveawayoftheday. Not sure how to divorce it. Thanks anyway.

  • And the idea is of to a great start!

  • Jami

    Thank you so much for this (another) amazing software.

  • MerryMarjie

    Thank you very much! Everything is working perfectly and I had no problems registering. From what I read of your restrictions, it was OK for me to send a private e-mail to my sister with the permalink provided, and I hope she becomes a member of dotTech, too.

  • Jyo

    I think the new ad initiative is brilliant, it’s a win-win for both dotTechies and YiLong. Thank you!

  • MikeR

    Bosco @ #9:

    Hi Bosco: I’ve found that, despite Revo’s many talents, it isn’t capable of a 100% clear-out even when on deepest scan (which I don’t actually recommend, anyway.)

    I’ve always found that the best way to guarantee an uninstallation is to clean out, re-boot, run a decent Registry Cleaner (nothing wrong with Crap Claeaner’s) and then re-boot again.

    A single re-boot after an uninstallation routine just doesn’t guarantee that everything has gone.

    Hope this helps.

  • Excellent Ashraf! Thank you.

  • normofthenorth

    My existing version (from you or GODT?) wouldn’t start, missing DLL, no idea why. So I ran its own uninstall.exe then installed your new one.

    Registered with your info, and it seems perfect. Thanks!

    Norm in Toronto

  • gpc111

    Hello all. I uninstalled my GAOTD version and installed the Dottech version. When I started the program it asked me for the registration info. I enter the info that Ashraf provided and it registered with no problems. I only used the program uninstall. No Revo or Ccleaner was needed. Thanks you so much for this gift Ashraf. I look forward to future updates.

  • Mike

    Had no issue with a download a moment ago; nor with uninstalling the GAOTD version of WinUtilities using the WinUtilities program uninstaller and then installing this latest version, which then asked me to fill in the DotTech registration info.

    Thanks for the offering to the latest!

  • Adrian

    @Bosco: You can try to scan your registry with CCleaner and clean any entries regarding WinUtilities, use Revo to uninstall it again, and install the dottech WinUtilities. completed!

    @jimorris77: They work for me.

    @Abbasgirl: Did you try to clean the registry or any files, and forgot/did not backup the system? If yes, remember to use WinUtilities’ built in backup feature before doing cleaning.

  • Refpeuk


    BTW, by free updates does this mean we will even get updates to version 10 when it comes out, or just minor updates?

  • jimorris77

    I may be the only one, but the download links are not working for me. No one else is commenting on this. It’s 10:20 eastern time. I’m trying to download the installed version.

  • mohsen

    very good idea.
    i hope you (we) success.

  • Abbasgirl

    Ashraf I installed WinUtilities from Giveawayoftheday and ran it and it crashed my system to the point it had to be reformated and reinstalled what went wrong?

  • muhammad

    Thanks Ashraf

  • Linu

    User thanks Ashraf, we readers always get something or learn something here in dotTech.Regards.

  • Bosco


    I uninstalled WinUtilities completely with Revo Uninstaller, and installed the DotTech copy of WinUtilties again and it still it registered automatically to : Giveawayoftheday.

  • Sandeep

    Thanks Ashraf.

    It’s really cool that we can update this version as well.

    Thanks Again.

  • Adrian


    The Free updates last for how long? Permanantly?

  • Adrian

    @Ryan: Did you just install this WinUtilities copy right over the GOTd copy? If so, your registration info will be that of GOTd, and you won’t be able to get updates.

    What you should do, is uninstall WinUtilities completely with Revo Uninstaller, and install the DotTech copy of WinUtilties again.

  • MikeR


  • Ryan

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks a million for the fantastic software. After installing, I wasn’t asked to register it. In fact, it registered automatically to : Giveawayoftheday.
    Anything wrong?

  • Ozzie

    Ok, uninstalled and reinstalled anyway. And all is working beautifully! Thanks again, Ashraf!

  • Ozzie

    Well done! Thanks Ashraf! I am downloading as I write! One question though, should uninstall my freeware version?

  • Roland

    Thanks. I will try this