White House fires main Healthcare.gov contractor


The White House has finally decided to fire CGI Federal, the original contractor charged with creating Healthcare.gov, which was the centerpiece of President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act and which was also plagued with problems the moment it launched.

CGI’s contract with the government will end in February, which allows the Obama administration to easily cut off the business relationship. Accenture has now taken CGI’s place as the main contractor for the website. Accenture hasn’t done that much when it comes to the federal level, but it is a well known consulting firm and has recently designed the health insurance exchange in California.

Joanne Veto, a spokeswoman for Accenture, declined to comment directly in a phone interview conducted by the Washington Post. “We are in discussions with potential clients all the time but it is not appropriate to discuss with the media contracts we may or may not be discussing,” she said.

It definitely seems to be a step in the right direction. The amount of problems the Healthcare.gov website suffered and the delays it caused in signing up for health insurance was unacceptable and hopefully Accenture is up to the task of fixing the problems that remain and creating a smooth experience for future users.

[via The Verge, Washington Post, image via X Daniel Rehn’s flickr]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Seamus McSeamus] To make matters worse, the website still is not bug free. To this day I’m unable to signup due to errors every time I try.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@Tom] Exactly right. Toni Townes-Whitley is a senior VP at CGI Federal, and also (coincidentally, I’m sure!) happens to be a former Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@Ashraf] I have heard this same story from everyone I know who has tried signing up. I have been spared the experience, fortunately.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this degree of failure. It’s like they started work on the site a week before it went live, and finished with literal moments to spare with no time for testing.

  • Ashraf

    Healthcare.gov is the worst fucking website you could spend millions of dollars on. It works fine when you just search for information. But try signing up? You will get at least a dozen errors before you even get close to picking an insurance. I know this from personal experience.

  • Tom

    This has little to do with “low bid”. More like “nepotism”… That’s how things get done in Chicago…

  • Coyote

    Oh… it all makes scene now. CGI was a huge buzz word 20 years ago when all the gov’t board members were growing up. They of course saw what looked like a high tech firm and ran with it…. unfortunately a healthcare site has nothing to do with graphics or 3D rendering. And now to make things worse they hand it off to a “consulting” firm… can we get some real web developers to work on this thing or has the “lowest-bidder” requirements in our gov’t ruled out getting any serious muscle behind it?