Microsoft documents were taken in recent email hack


Microsoft announced on Friday that during a recent hack into their employee email accounts, some documents were stolen.

The specific nature of the documents that were stolen by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have not been revealed, though it is known that they have to do with law enforcement.

“It appears that documents associated with law enforcement inquiries were stolen,” Adrienne Hall, the general manager with Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing, said in a blog post.  “If we find that customer information related to those requests has been compromised, we will take appropriate action.  Out of regard for the privacy of our employees and customers – as well as the sensitivity of law enforcement inquiries – we will not comment on the validity of any stolen emails or documents.  ”

So far the SEA have only released “email conversations”, and according to Hall, Microsoft is working on beefing up their security to make sure they don’t get hit with another cyber assault.

“In terms of the cyberattack, we continue to further strengthen our security. This includes ongoing employee education and guidance activities, additional reviews of technologies in place to manage social media properties, and process improvements based on the findings of our internal investigation,” Hall said to finish her statement.

Microsoft can say that all they want, and they have to from a PR standpoint, but the fact remains that  major companies and even the government are being hacked on an almost commonplace basis, and it’s clearer than ever just how unprepared they are when it comes to electronic security.

[via The Verge, Microsoft Blog, image via Amit Chattopadhyay’s flickr]

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