Ask dotTechies: Should the current, limited forums be replaced by new, more advanced ones?

Some while ago I introduced forums into dotTech. Since then the forums have been a second home to regular dotTechies that use it as a platform for the free-flow of ideas. When I setup the forums initially, chose to use Simple:Press Forum because of SPF’s ability to integrate so well with my blog. However, since then I have realized that SPF is still in its “baby stages” and does not have many simple – yet key – features of what a forum script should have.

I have to go credit where it is due: the developers of SPF are constantly improving it. The only problem is, there are not improving it fast enough (for my liking) and I am getting annoyed by its limitations. So, I figure I should throw the question out to the people who use it the most – dotTechies.

Now before I let everyone express their opinion, let me state a few things. If the current forums are replaced with new forums, chances of migrating current forum posts, post counts, ranks, etc. are little to none. In other words, if a new forum replaces the current forum, everyone will most likely be starting from scratch. I will, however, leave up the current forums for reference for a few months before removing them completely. Also, the new forums won’t integrate as well as the current forums with dotTech proper. In other words, you will probably have to register anew, and they may have a different look to them.

That all being said, cast your vote please!

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