Google chief legal office believes Obama needs to do more to curb NSA spying


David Drummond has publicly stated that President Obama is not doing enough to change the way the NSA does things.

Drummond, who is Google’s chief legal officer, believes that the government needs to alter the way they collect data and that they need to do what they can to gain people’s trust in the internet. Or as much trust as they can, since I’m not sure exactly how much people had in it to begin with.

“Let me be clear about it, in general they fall short of where any of the speech and the proposal and the speech fell short of where we’d like to see this go,” Drummond said in response to Obama’s speech. “But I think it was a first step for the administration, it’s not the final word on where this will go, hopefully, we intend to be very engaged in that debate.”

“People really need to trust the internet and to trust internet companies and that really underpins a lot of the innovation,” he also said. “We’ve been concerned about the long-term user trust in the internet and what that means for acceptance for new innovations. If you build something great but people are worried or won’t try it because they’re afraid, then it’s not going to work.”

[via BBC News, image via Intel Photos’ flickr]

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