Microsoft offering $100 to get rid of PS3 and buy Xbox One

xbox one

It seems that Microsoft is stepping up its marketing by offering a hundred dollars to those who trade their PS3 in for an Xbox One.

While both systems have seemed to have pretty solid launches, and at the time were friendly to one another, or as much as competitors can be expected to be friendly, it seems that Microsoft is shifting gears. The offer is only available in the United States, at Microsoft stores, and as well as taking used PS3s, they are also accepting Xbox 360s as well.

This marketing scheme seems to be aimed at those PS3 owners who have yet to make the jump to the next console, and by offering the hundred dollars, Microsoft is bringing down the price of the Xbox One to that same as the PS4.

While the PS4 is definitely on par with the Xbox One, perhaps even more powerful, right now the only real next-generation game seems to be Dead Rising 3. It will be interesting to see if this promotion by Microsoft manages to sway anyone.

[via The Verge, netzkobold’s flickr]


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