Killer Instinct: Spinal is looking awesome in new trailer [Video]


If you’ve been playing video games for a long time, then chances are you’ve played Killer Instinct on the Nintendo systems. Fast forward into 2014 and you’ll realize that Killer Instinct is now exclusive to the Xbox, and looking better than ever. Developer of the game, Double Helix, just did the best thing ever in my eyes, and that’s by releasing the first trailer highlighting Spinal in all his skeleton glory.

Back in the day, Spinal was my favorite character, so I was happy to see him reimagined with more badassery than ever before. Double Helix did a great job on his design, along with the design of his fighting arena. Here you’ll get to witness all sorts of madness going on in the background while the fight is going on. If you’re not careful, you might get too drawn into what’s happening outside of the fight, which could cause for your untimely death.

Another thing is the way he laughs while kicking ass. Simply beautiful and scary at the same time. Chills running down my spine, bumps rising on my skin, and my heart racing so fast not even a Formula One driver could keep up.

At the end of the trailer, another awesome thing happened… Fulgore. The Android is back, and he’s going to kick some serious ass all over the ball park baby. You’ll need an Xbox One if you want give Spinal and Fulgore a test drive

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