Dell is working on computers that can sense mood


It seems that Dell is working on a computer that can understand a person’s mood.

This project is part of Dell’s new R&D division. It was revealed by Jai Menon, who is heading up the new unit, in an interview with Business Insider. The goal of this is to make it so that a computer can detect what a person’s mood is and possibly respond to it in an according manner.

“Thought-controlled input is a project we started 6 months ago,” Menon said in the interview. “The notion here is that through some sort of device that you put on, by measuring alpha [brain] waves and so forth, you can actually be able to tell your mood for example: whether your happy or sad. That can then drive the device to, for instance, play music. If you’re sad, it can choose music to cheer you up, for example.”

“If the research proves successful, the product may end up being something physical [a device] or maybe someone else builds the sensor headband and we partner on the software side,” he added.

So for anyone out there that wants something like the AI in Spike Jonze’s Her, Dell’s new R&D is on top of it.

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