Iridium portable hotspot gives you internet access anywhere in the world


This is the Iridium GO!, and the guys behind it claim that it’s the industry’s first portable satellite hotspot. Since the GO! pulls its data from satellites and not your carrier’s cell towers, it can be used pretty much anywhere on earth to make calls, send messages and browse the web. Travelers to locales with spotty coverage or hikers off to exotic locations can use the GO! to stay in touch, or maybe even call for help during emergencies.

The GO! is used by raising the antenna, which will automatically make it connect to the Iridium network, then connecting your smartphone or tablet to the hotspot via WiFi. An Iridium app can be installed and is used to send messages, make calls and broadcast your exact location. The hotspot has a radius of 100 feet and can support 5 simultaneous connections. It’s also especially made for the outdoors, being able to withstand rough weather conditions along with sand and dust.

The Iridium GO! will be available in the first half of 2014. No details about pricing have been announced yet.

[via Tom’s Hardware]

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