NYPD is testing Google Glass to fight crime

google glass

The New York Police Department have been testing out Google Glass to see if it can help out police officers.

The NYPD have acquired several of the glasses recently, an inside source has told VentureBeat, and are seeing how they can be used in the field.

It seems that the police department signed up for the Explorer program, rather than working with Google directly. “The Google Glass Explorer program includes people from all walks of life, including doctors, firefighters and parents. Anyone can sign up to become a Glass Explorer, provided he or she is a U.S. resident and over the age of 18,” said a Google representative.

“We signed up, got a few pairs of the Google glasses, and we’re trying them out, seeing if they have any value in investigations, mostly for patrol purposes,” the official from the NYPD apparently said. “We’re looking at them, you know, seeing how they work.”

“We think it could help impact patrol operations in New York City. We shall see,” the official from the NYPD added.

[via BGR, VentureBeat]

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  • Mike S.

    [@JMJ] I, too, question not having any personal anonymity outside of my home, potentially being monitored, even if not a “target,” whenever I leave my home’s confines.

  • JMJ

    Boy, could this be a double-edged sword: on one hand, imagine how much help these would be with face-recognition software to identify persons wanted as suspected of having committed a crime; while, on the other hand, imagine how every, single person “seen” by these things, including law-abiding citizens, effectively would be tracked without their knowledge, consent or for any legitimate reason.

    If the NYPD, like the NSA is doing, simply scoops up all the info they can, *just in case*, I can foresee their being able to pore over all their data looking for an individual and, in retrospect, link that individual to any number of events, places, persons, etc.

    I gotta think more about this before forming an opinion…